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How to distinguish between salmon trout from

Fish salmon family live in ocean waters, and in the fresh waters of the Northern Hemisphere. Salmonid fish are valuable commercial fish due to their gentle and nutritious meat and eggs. The best-known representatives of this family are salmon, trout, salmon, sockeye, chum salmon, grayling and others. In Russia, the most popular fish such as trout and salmon.

How to distinguish between salmon trout from

Instruction on how to distinguish between salmon trout

Step 1:

There are plenty of recipes, the main "heroes" who are trout or salmon. These fish can be baked in the oven and cook for one ear, added to salads, smoke and so on. The only problem faced by the hostess with the purchase of trout and salmon, is as follows: how to distinguish between these two fish of the salmon family? There are several features which allow you to make the right choice.

Step 2:

The taste of salmon and trout is significantly different because the trout - is a lean fish, and all the fat it has is concentrated in the abdominal portion. Salmon is much fatter, and the fat of the fish is distributed throughout the carcass. Externally, the trout and salmon are very similar to each other, therefore in the shop seller may try to sell you a cheap fish for the price expensive.

Step 3:

Buying salmon or trout in the store, pay attention to her face. At the salmon snout more elongated, while the trout - short and truncated. In the opener at the trout are the teeth. Also, take a look and on the tail of a fish, which is represented on the counter. Tail of trout is square, and triangular in salmon it.

Step 4:

To distinguish from the salmon trout can be in color and carcass. Trout different light skin and reddish flanks. Sometimes carcass passes pinkish pearl strip. As for salmon, then it just gray carcass and belly lighter than the trout.

Step 5:

If you buy the table is not the whole fish and fillets have to cut, then determine what kind of fillet in front of you, you can color. Experienced cooks argue that the trout meat is much brighter in color, usually trout fillet rich red. As for salmon, the meat of these fish less saturated - it is rather rosy than red. Unfortunately, this method of determining stores fish not always activated. Manufacturers often embellish the meat to make it look more fresh and appetizing. For the price of salmon is usually more expensive than the trout, but this factor may vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the fish.