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How to divide the orange

Any fruit before serving, wash thoroughly and cut. For guests do not get dirty when they are clean and large fruit can eat a few people taking a piece. How to divide the orange?

How to divide the orange

You will need:

-orange; -knife.

Instruction how to divide the orange

Step 1:

The easiest way - is to divide it into slices. Peel an orange peel, remove the white plenochki and disassemble the fruit into slices. They are clearly marked and well separated. Randomly place them on a plate. But clean and sliced ​​oranges just before serving. Otherwise, it spilled a lot of juice, and the upper layers dry up and zavetryatsya. This fruit will lose vitamins, it is tasteless and unaesthetic.

Step 2:

Often served orange cut into slices. According to the rules, they have to be peeled. To make it easier to remove the skin first with a sharp knife cut a wide orange crosswise into equal parts. After that, remove the peel. If you are cooking so the orange feed - remove the bone is desirable. But if you need the orange slices to decorate a cake or salad, be sure to remove the bone, because they give bitterness.

Step 3:

However, you can leave the peel on fruits and ring cut in half. This method of feeding oranges are particularly fond of children, because the flesh is easily separated from the crust, but it is interesting to eat away.

Step 4:

If you leave the peel on an orange, cut into circles or semicircles, then you can give it an interesting appearance. To do this, take a whole orange and make it not very deep cuts. They have to go along, from the tail down as meridians on the globe. The distance between the strips can be arbitrary, but usually it is made about 0.5 cm. Now carefully remove the strip through a single peel with orange. Cut the orange in the cup. Each of them will be like a piece of clockwork, as if to indent.

Step 5:

If you cut an orange cocktail, then share it not across and along. Cut off the top, and each half faults into thin slices.