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How to drink Martini Rosso

Martini Rosso - the first type of vermouth, which was released by Martini. He began to be made as early as 1863. Rosso classic recipe includes sweet caramel flavor with a slight bitterness, amber-red color and intense spicy flavor. Beautifully and to drink Martini Rosso, which refers to the female drinks should learn. After all, anything neat, glamorous and sophisticated drink, poured into a cocktail glass - not so much intoxicating as its charm your way.

How to drink Martini Rosso

Instruction how to drink a martini rosso

Step 1:

Martini, you can drink from a special wine glasses - they are called wine glasses for martini. This fine wine glasses on a long stalk with a triangular flat bowl. The people are called "Martinka". However, such glasses usually serves cocktails based on martini. Martini Rosso in pure form (as well as any other vermouth) is usually poured into small cups low, sometimes square shape. The drink can be served as a straw, and without it.

How to drink Martini Rosso

Step 2:

Before you pour the bottle into the glasses, be sure to refrigerate it. Alcoholic beverage must be a minimum of 30 minutes to hold in the refrigerator. The ideal temperature for the supply of Martini Rosso - 10-12 ° C. It should not be too cool vermouth - it loses its unique flavor and aroma. Warm Rosso also not impressed by their taste. However, the latter is fixable: add the vermouth, ice or frozen strawberries, cherries, which are slightly tart taste Otten Rosso.

Step 3:

Drink Martini Rosso small, slow sips to rasprobovat its delicate taste and caramel-herbal flavor. Chugging this delicious vermouth - a sign of bad taste. In addition, he quickly drunk, because it has a decent enough strength to 16%.

Step 4:

Women prefer to drink this red vermouth undiluted ice, lemon, strawberry, orange or olive tree, strung on skewers or in cocktails. The Martini Rosso, to remove the strength of the drink, add pineapple, orange or grapefruit juice. Men who choose Russia as an aperitif, just mix it with ice and vodka. Martin also allowed to be diluted with water.

Step 5:

Incredible popular cocktails with this sweet vermouth. For example, Martini Rosso - the main ingredient of the legendary "Manhattan" cocktail (vermouth and whiskey), and the "Classic Martini" cocktails, "Bronx" etc.

Step 6:

As an appetizer to the vermouth may be submitted saltine crackers, nuts and even solid non-sharp cheeses. But the traditional snack to Olive Martini Rosso is considered from the glass.