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How to eat quail eggs

Quail eggs - it is not only very useful but also a therapeutic product. And they are superior to the chicken several times for its nutritional properties. In the quail eggs contain a large amount of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Their use in food, and is also widely used in cosmetics and medicine.

How to eat quail eggs

You will need:

quail eggs, additional ingredients

Instruction how to use quail eggs

Step 1:

In case of violation of the secretory gastric motility, accompanied by constant nausea in the mornings, and the stagnation of undigested food, nutritionists recommend to break into a glass 4 quail eggs, add one egg, 1 ch. L. 30 g of sugar and brandy. Mix well and drink on an empty stomach. During the meal it is desirable to have wholemeal bread with oat bran.

Step 2:

Men are recommended to use quail eggs daily. Phosphorus contained in them, is a good remedy for male problems. Every morning on an empty stomach you need to drink a therapeutic cocktail. To make it, 5 quail eggs take half a glass of fresh juice and one teaspoon of honey. The drink should be mixed thoroughly.

Step 3:

You can cook a good remedy for colds and flu. For it to be split into a glass 3-4 quail eggs, pour 100 grams of vodka, add a tablespoon of sugar Shake. Drink cocktails in the night, the morning will be much easier.

Step 4:

For children it is helpful to drink every day on an empty stomach 2 quail eggs. The child will become more active, less likely to get sick with colds, will not have problems with eyesight.

Step 5:

To restore the immune system and strengthen the body you should drink 3 raw quail eggs on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening before meals. Course admission - 40 days (240 eggs). If necessary, the cycle can be repeated.