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How to eat slowly

The habit has quickly can lead to disastrous results. For you will go unnoticed flavors, swallowed hastily worse food to digest, bringing digestive problems. In addition, if you are struggling with being overweight or simply are saving figure, reduce the rate of absorption of food is necessary - so saturation will advance faster and the volume will decrease significantly eaten.

How to eat slowly

Instruction how to eat slowly

Step 1:

Go to fractional power, reducing portions and reducing the intervals between meals. What you're hungry, the faster you eat, so sit down, without waiting begins to feel dizzy. Do not read or watch TV for a meal - so you do not even notice how ate even more than intended. Focus on the process, trying to enjoy every bite. Specialists, nutritionists disagree that more useful - to eat alone, or, conversely, in the company. Adjusting to the pace of others, people often begin to eat faster than usual. At the same time, fascinated by the conversation, many almost forgotten about his own plate. Decide which is more typical for you, and stick to the right course of action.

Step 2:

Choose a small spoon and a fork. Pay attention to the serving table - than it is more complex and refined, the more time it will take for lunch or dinner. If the dish is elaborately decorated, it will also be eaten by you slower. All that can be (meat, vegetables, fruit), cut into small pieces - the smaller the food is cut, the more time is spent on it. Bread does not bite off from the whole chunk, and break off little by little. As long as possible and chew food - this is not only beneficial to digestion, but also leads to a more rapid saturation, and most importantly - seriously slows down the process of eating.

Step 3:

Do not start eating if you are concerned about something or upset - people under stress often within minutes swallows much larger volume than usual, which does not benefit either digestion or appearance. Calm down, walk around, have a drink of water, and only then sit down at the table, trying to concentrate on what you eat. So you will enjoy the process and gather my thoughts.