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How to feed the child obesity

Obesity is manifested form of overweight due to accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layer and also in some tissues and organs. A huge role in the development of obesity play physical inactivity, unhealthy diet and heredity.

How to feed the child obesity

Instruction how to feed the child obesity

Step 1:

Children who are overweight, you need to get enough protein, because in addition to building protein function creates a feeling of fullness. To do this, the child's daily menu, you need to include lean meat (veal, chicken, rabbit), eggs, fish, cod species. Dairy products should be given every day, preferably in the form of yogurt and yogurt. Also useful are low-fat cottage cheese and cheese. Limit the need cream, sour cream, milk fat.

Step 2:

Number of fat in the diet of the child should be limited and, above all, to eliminate refractory fats, which tend to be deposited in an active body (mutton, beef, pork). Eat a better diet butter and vegetable oil.

Step 3:

The amount of carbohydrates should be reduced to 30-50% of the daily norm. First of all severely limit the sugar, confectionery, sweets, white bread and cereals. Do not give canned juices and fruit drinks - they contain a lot of sugar. So kiddies are very useful and fresh berries, fruits and vegetables, as well as natural juices. Besides the enormous amount of vitamins, these products have a high content of pectin, which has a positive effect on the bowels.

Step 4:

In order to reduce appetite and reduce hunger is necessary to exclude various spices, seasonings, spices and smoked. The food is best to bake, boil, cook for a couple.

Step 5:

Very often in these children there is fluid retention, so the preparation of food is better nedosalivat. It is also necessary to reduce the amount of fluid consumed.

Step 6:

Observe the diet. During the day, eat 5-6 times better, but small portions - this helps to reduce feelings of hunger. The last feeding should be 2 hours before bedtime. The daily energy value at 5-fold feeding can be divided roughly as follows: the first breakfast- 20% of the caloric intake per day, lunch - 15%, mid-morning snack - 15%, dinner - 35%, and dinner - 15%.