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How to find truffle

The truffle is considered a delicacy by the fungus. In French cuisine with the use of this product are quite common, it suffices to recall the famous Strasbourg pie, said Pushkin. In Russia, it found only one species of fungus - Tuber aestivum. It is growing several species in France and Italy. Truffle refers to underground inhabitants, out he almost did not show up. You can find it, but you need to know some of the signs of the fungus and techniques.

How to find truffle

You will need:

- specially trained dog or pig; - Picture of a truffle.

Instruction how to find truffles

Step 1:

The mycelium of the truffle is an integral part of the mycorrhizal roots of trees. So look for them near the big oak or birch. Truffles, like all other fungi, form the so-called "witches rings", ie ring fruiting bodies that surround the root system of the "master". If you do not destroy the mycelium of fungi with each fruit body will become more and more. Truffle likes dry places. Of the tree species prefer alder, oak, birch, hazel.

Step 2:

specially trained dogs or pigs to find truffles. In France, for example, begin to teach a pig to four months of age, and then it "works" for a decade. But to find the truffle can be and without the help of animals. Find a picture of a truffle, because you need to know exactly what it was looking for. Truffle looks like a potato tuber small, with a rough surface. Glazkov on it, of course not, and colors range from white to black. To the touch it is hard.

Step 3:

Truffles, like all other fungi are found in permanent locations. The mature fruit body of the fungus appears on the surface and can simply lie on the ground. it is not necessary to dig it. It also may be half got out of the land of other fruiting bodies. It is easily identified by the ground bumps. The bumps a bit like wormholes. These mushrooms are almost never found alone. If you find a mushroom, then look in the neighborhood 5-6 pieces.

Step 4:

After heavy rains can be found rolled out of the land of truffles on the hillsides covered with large trees, or in ravines. They can be found on the surface and then strong wind. It should be remembered that the truffles prefer sand and other loose soils. In particular, they like the soil containing lime.

Step 5:

Show on the "field" may truffle flies. They lay their eggs in the ground next to these fungi. Truffles feed their larvae. So if you see a tree not far from the yellow swarm, you can expect to find immediately and mushrooms.