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How to fix rancid butter

Butter has in the fridge almost every housewife. But, if your oil stocks were high and you bought the oil rancid, do not rush to get upset and immediately leave this seemingly spoiled food - fix rancid butter will help you follow these simple steps.

How to fix rancid butter

You will need:

butter; water; carrot juice; salt; Antonov apples; baking soda; bread; birch charcoal; milk; gauze; pan;

Instruction how to fix rancid butter

Step 1:

Rinse several times rancid butter in a large quantity of water and a little salt. After that, pour into it a little bit of natural carrot juice and mix the resulting mass. Carrot juice returns oil lost earlier subtle and delicate flavor.

Step 2:

Boil in a pan stale oil several times, adding pre-cut slices Antonov apples in it. Then strain the hot oil with apple slices through cheesecloth, thoroughly rinse with water and whisk still hot. Refurbished oil will again become unfit for consumption.

Step 3:

Wash rancid oil solution of water and baking soda, taking to prepare a solution of 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. After that the oil must be well cleaned with water and a little salt. butter taste will immediately become better and more pleasant smell.

Step 4:

Put rancid butter and a small piece of bread in the pan and melt down over low heat butter with bread. The bread absorbs the bitterness and unpleasant odor, and you can again enjoy a pleasant and butter flavor.

Step 5:

Melt the stale oil in a skillet and add the 1 cup of tea pre-powdered and sieved birch charcoal. The resulting mass leave in a warm place for a day. The next day again, melt the butter and the resulting mixture of birch charcoal and strain it until it has cooled down. After that, the oil will return to taste suitable for the food product.

Step 6:

Put rancid butter in fresh milk, a few times carefully knead it in the milk, then rinse in water and salt. Natural fresh milk dissolve butyric acid, which contains in excess of rancid butter, and removes the product from the bad taste and odor of stale existing therein. Water, if oil washing will remove from him the milk, and reduced oil will once again delicious.