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How to freeze berries, to preserve vitamins

Summer - the best time when you can enjoy the taste and aroma of fresh berries, and at the same time, recharge your body natural vitamins. But, unfortunately, this season too quickly passes, and receive "live" vitamins wants and winter. Output is: you can prepare for future use berries.

How to freeze berries, to preserve vitamins

You will need:

- berries; - Containers for storage of frozen food; - Flat pallets; - A refrigerator with a temperature-controlled freezing or freezer.

Instruction how to freeze berries, to preserve vitamins

Step 1:

Prepare a container for the storage of frozen berries. You can use plastic bags (especially convenient pouches with clips) and plastic boxes or cups with lids. What matters is that the packaging is sealed. Fruits stored in packages take up less space in the freezer. A in plastic containers is convenient to freeze berries, sprinkled with sugar or sugar syrup. Choose what is most convenient to you.

Step 2:

Prepare the fruit: perespevshie slightly spoiled are not suitable for freezing. Go through all the berries, remove the garbage, remove the stem, gently rinse. Raspberries and blackberries is recommended to omit a moment in a weak saline solution to remove the fruit of possible bugs and their larvae. Washed berries spread out in a single layer on trays (trays), so that they dry out.

Step 3:

Prepared fruits spread out in a single layer on a tray and place in the freezer until completely frozen. Very well, if your fridge has a "quick freeze" - the less time spent on the freezing of berries, the more vitamins remain. Once frozen berries, to shift them into containers for long term storage. Try to keep the berries at stacking was as little space for air, but it is not strongly compacted fruit so as not to damage them. Always make sure that all packages of berries were sealed. Take in the freezer.

Step 4:

Frost Berries, preserving vitamins, can also be candied. The principle is the same as a normal freezing, but first pour fresh berries with sugar. Very tasty and not less useful fruits, frozen in a sugar syrup. Before freezing berries lay in a container for freezing and fill them with syrup (200g sugar to 1 liter of water), place the container in the freezer.