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How to freeze strawberries

Intense sweet taste and delicate flavor of ripe strawberries is easy to maintain by freezing. Frozen strawberry is perfect for pies, cakes, cocktails, mousses and as a supplement to the morning cereal servings. There are at least five different ways to save the strawberries in using frozen, and they all start with the fact that you need to select the whole berries, wash them in ice water and separate the stalk. Then strawberries dried on a paper towel, and only then it is ready for further processing.

How to freeze strawberries

You will need:

Strawberry sugar honey containers for frozen foods, zip bags

Instruction how to freeze strawberries

Step 1:

Sweet frozen chopped klubnikaKlubniku cut into quarters and place in a bowl. For every liter of strawberries, place ¾ cup sugar. Wait until the strawberries will provide juice, and it will dissolve all the sugar. Remove the strawberries in containers for freezing. Strawberry mass should not occupy more than ¾ of the volume. Before you remove a container in the fridge a few times gently shake it. This berry is well suited for compote, cream, mousse, jelly. Importantly do not forget to deduct from the recipe the sugar that it already is.

Step 2:

The crushed unsweetened frozen strawberries klubnikaIzmelchite blender. Arrange the strawberry puree in portioned containers and freeze. This strawberry is suitable for any recipe where you need fresh strawberry puree.

Step 3:

Chilled Strawberry in sugar would siropeKazalos why pour cold strawberry syrup? The method differs from the jam? Why not treat strawberries hot syrup as habitually? The fact that the heat treatment berries lose the lion's share of the value of vitamin C. Cook the syrup from the cup of sugar and three cups of water. Such amount of syrup will last for half a liter of strawberries. Cool the syrup and store in the fridge for half an hour. Cut the fruit into quarters, spread across the containers, so that they do not occupy more than ¾ of the volume. Pour the cooled syrup and berries in the refrigerator.

Step 4:

Chilled Strawberry in meduEtot prescription only version of the previous one. It is used instead of sugar cup glass flower, lime and acacia honey. Do not forget that honey should be mixed immediately with warm water.

Step 5:

Frozen klubnikaRazlozhite whole strawberries in a pan or on boards covered with baking paper. Put the berries in half a centimeter at a distance from each other. Remove the berries in the freezer for a period of 2 to 4 hours. Remove the berries and gently fold in the zip package, releasing them from the excess air. Each package label the date of freezing.