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How to fry flour

Fried flour - one of the ingredients of various dishes. Most often flour treated in this way is used in the preparation of sauces and gravies. Fry the flour can not only wheat, but also potato.

How to fry flour

You will need:

Flour; butter; pan.

Instruction how to fry flour

Step 1:

If you need to prepare a white sauce, the meal need to fry immediately on oil. If the prescription dish should be served with a red sauce, the meal should be pre-fry in a dry frying pan.

Step 2:

So, for the white sauce is necessary to take a thick-walled bowl and preheat oil in it. Can be used as butter and vegetable oil, the main thing that it was the most free of impurities. Butter is better to pre-melt down.

Step 3:

Then, into the hot oil need to pour the flour and fry it, stirring constantly. If you for some time, stop stirring, it is very likely that will burn the flour and the sauce will be ruined.

Step 4:

For the red sauce flour previously fried on a dry hot pan in the same way. The advantage of the red sauce is that the blank to him - fried flour - you can prepare for future use and store in a tightly closed container in a dry place. So, if possible, to save time, you can do so.

Step 5:

Also fried flour seasoned goulash and stews. In this case, roasted flour as white sauce - a hot frying pan, and then added to the broth from meat. Secret adding flour to the broth so that there is no lumps, is as follows. It is necessary to cast a little broth in a beaker and stir the flour in the glass itself, to dissolve the lumps formed. And then to add to the homogenous mass with meat stew. Thus, the gravy is smooth and homogenous.