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How to fry the meat soft

To roast the meat was soft, you need a responsible approach to the choice of the original product. Moreover, both in terms of age of the animal, as well as parts of the carcass, which is going to fry. Meat sheep and cows slaughtered at the age of 3-4 years, in any case, rigid meat young animals, so it is necessary to marinate. This does not mean that another steak texture will resemble the sole and loin - not to succumb to the knife, but under the influence of the marinade the meat, clearly, it becomes softer.

How to fry the meat soft

You will need:

meat; lemon juice; vegetable oil; spices and seasonings; knife; cutting board; pan.

Instruction how to fry the meat soft

Step 1:

Choose for steaks thick or thin edge of beef and cutting. I am pleased to have dinner of roast pork, if you buy a neck. Get pleasure from mutton by loin. Was not defrosted meat, it is easy to determine if the pressure on him. Pit on the defrosted meat persist for 1-2 minutes, while the open - disappear almost immediately. Create an impression on the age of the animal can be, considered his ribs. The fact is that the older a pig, a cow or a sheep, the narrower the distance between the rib bones and the bones themselves - massive. If the seller in the market swears in front of you the lamb, it is for the ribs, you can determine whether to believe him or not.

Step 2:

Carve the meat in the same day, when it was purchased. If the task is cut, always do so only across the grain. Beef or pork, cut along the grain, there will be difficult. Whichever part of the mascara you choose, if it has excess fat, remove it without hesitation. You do not have to throw out, remove it in the freezer. Perhaps it will come in handy when making mincemeat for cutlets.

Step 3:

Repel pieces. Prepare a classic marinade for grilled meat, mixed in equal proportions, the lemon juice and vegetable oil. Add a little salt and pepper. Now spread the pieces of the resulting mixture, fold into a bowl so as to leave no gaps between them. Top pour the remaining marinade and store for 30-40 minutes in the refrigerator. Multiple tips marinating meat for 12 hours (and more time) do not carry nothing but attempts to increase the safety of the product. To the meat was softer hour is usually sufficient.

Step 4:

Glowing pan. It is better to take the dish with non-stick coating and not to use frying oil, as any part of it has been absorbed into the meat with the marinade. Try to flip the pieces once. That is - the key to a beautiful golden brown. Keep in mind that the degree of roasting beef has only devoid of bones. Veal on the bone, as well as all kinds of lamb and pork should be heat treated to full readiness.