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How to learn quickly cut

Many people dream to learn how to wield a knife in the kitchen, just as quickly as the cook-professionals. Firstly, the ability to quickly cut products allows to spend less time on cooking, and secondly, the slices are more beautiful.

How to learn quickly cut

Instruction how to learn quickly cut

Step 1:

In order to independently learn quickly chop vegetables, you'll need a lot of patience and a sharp knife. Everyone decides for itself how to use a knife it is most convenient. Many beginners training is chosen for heavy knives with handle and stainless steel blade. You can buy an expensive set of knives and use basically only one of them. Keep in mind that the knife must be well sharpened - this directly affects the speed and thickness of the slicing. Blunt knife quickly chop vegetables will not work - you just cut yourself.

Step 2:

From that, whether you properly hold a knife in one hand and, for example, vegetable - the other, it depends on the integrity of your fingers. If you are right handed, the knife must be in the right hand. His grip tightly clasp his hand. With the other hand hold the vegetable, as shown in the figure. That is the broad side of the knife plane must touch all the time, almost bent fingers of the other hand.

Step 3:

Press the chopped product tightly to the board with his fingertips. Outside their side should be placed parallel to the blade of the knife. In order not to cut yourself, you have to keep your fingers just slightly bent, and the knife should slide smoothly along the fingers, but do not touch them.

Step 4:

Movement while cutting must be well coordinated. In this case the blade tip should almost constantly touch the board, and the hand in which you hold a knife, should make the motion on the ellipse type. That is, you do not have to chop a vegetable, and quickly cut it. If it is to cut, the blade gets dull very quickly.

Step 5:

The hand, which you stick to vegetables, herbs, meat or fish, should as quickly slide back, how quickly you oruduete knife, pushing forward product. Thus, you are influencing the thickness of the slices. The arms should not be stretched or you will very quickly get tired. Wrists and hands when cutting should be relaxed as far as possible.