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How to make carrot cake with walnuts

At any time, the orange carrots - a source of vitamins and good mood. Even if your children do not like it, they like the delicious, easy to prepare carrot cake with walnuts.

How to make carrot cake with walnuts

You will need:

400 g sugar 200 g butter 150 g shelled walnuts 500 g carrots 1 tsp baking powder for the dough 400 g flour 250 g sour cream

Instruction how to make carrot cake with walnuts

Step 1:

Take the container with high sides and put into it the butter. Wait 15-20 minutes, until the butter melts a bit and slightly softened. Melt the butter is not necessary. Add to butter 250 grams of sugar and rub it all in a single mass. Beat in the same capacity of the eggs, mix well all.

Step 2:

Rub on a small grater all the carrots in a separate container. Carrots can be rubbed on a coarse grater - a taste of this cake will not change, but the smaller you it rubs, the cake will be softer. Connect with carrots already received weight.

How to make carrot cake with walnuts

Step 3:

Pre-peeled walnuts grind in a blender or by hand. Take 3/4 of all the nuts and sprinkle them all the ingredients testo.Peremeshayte.

How to make carrot cake with walnuts

Step 4:

Now in the resulting mixture, sift all the flour, baking powder and knead the dough well. The dough should have sparse, the consistency of sour cream.

Step 5:

Grease a baking dish with vegetable oil and place in her half of the dough. The cake will consist of two korzhey.Razogreyte oven to 180 ° C temperature drop to form. Bake cakes in succession at one time or in two identical forms within an hour.

Step 6:

After 30 minutes, check to see if the cake with a toothpick propeksya. To do this, pierce the cake with a toothpick and remove it. If it is dry, the cake is ready, if it were the remains of the dough, keep the oven until cooked cake.

Step 7:

Then garnish with sour cream Morkovnikov. To do this, take the sour cream and mix thoroughly whisk it with the remaining sugar until dissolved grains of sugar. When the cakes have cooled a bit, put one in the dish and promazhte his top half sour cream. Put it on the second. The top of the cake as well abundantly lubricate the cream and sprinkle with chopped walnut crumbs. If desired decorate the cake fashioned of colored mastic small carrots. This cake is best served chilled to the table.