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How to make coconut milk

One popular human errors is that coconut milk - is a liquid which is inside the coconut. Like, enough to do in the shell hole to insert the tube, and please drink! In fact, derived from coconut sweet thick white liquid, similar to cow's milk, a little harder, but it's worth it. Coconut milk contains calcium, lactose and casein, so is ideal for people with allergies to these foods, people with excess calcium and vegans.

How to make coconut milk

You will need:

2 mature coconut clean water blender table knife gauze.

Instruction how to make coconut milk

Step 1:

Of the two coconuts you get 4 to 6 cups of coconut milk. The amount depends on how thick you make the final product. It is important to take clean water, you do not want to get a useful milk to chlorinated tap water?

Step 2:

Your first task - to open a coconut. There are at least 10 different ways, but almost every one of them begins with the fact that the coconut blends coconut juice - a clear liquid, which many mistakenly believe coconut milk.

Step 3:

Dividing the coconut in half, you have to remove from the walls of his white flesh. Some sources advise to remove the coconut halves for half an hour in the freezer, then the procedure scraping coconut, they say, will take place more easily. Others with the same purpose, on the contrary, it is recommended to place the coconut halves of twenty minutes in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees Tselsiyu.Skoblyat coconut broad knife, spoon or a special device which is called coconut shredder. If you decide to remove the pulp with a knife, note that it is not very sharp and could injure you. For your problem rather blunt knife and blade often breaks and if it is very sharp, you can seriously injure.

Step 4:

Once you vyskrebete halves, grab a blender. In the bowl of a blender, pour clean water and put a piece of coconut pulp. The thicker you want to get the milk, the less water you have to pour. Turn on blender and gradually turn the whole pulp puree.

Step 5:

Turn off the blender, take the gauze and put it in her mashed coconut pulp. Squeeze the cheesecloth over a glass or plastic container. From it will flow thick coconut milk.