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How to make cottage cheese passover

Curd easter - traditional Russian Easter dish. Tasty brew paste made of cottage cheese with vanilla, raisins, almonds and candied fruits will be a real decoration of the festive table.

How to make cottage cheese passover

You will need:

Vanilla Easter: 800 grams of cottage cheese; 100 g sour cream; 200 g of sugar; 2 eggs; 100 g butter; 0.25 g of vanillin. Raisin-nut Easter: 600 grams of cottage cheese; 4 eggs; 200 g butter; 400 g sour cream; 1/2 cup almonds; 1 cup seedless raisins; 6 teaspoons of lemon peel; 1/4 teaspoon vanilla.

Instruction how to make cottage cheese passover

Step 1:

The principle of the preparation of this Easter is based on the mix of products in a particular sequence, and further their cooking over low heat. The finished dish should be to stand 12-48 hours depending on the prescription - only Passover acquire its inherent consistency.

Step 2:

Choose quality products. Pay special attention to the curd. For Easter fit gentle home, or purchase low-fat product with low granularity.

Step 3:

Spread cheese to a paste in a deep bowl. Throw him 50 grams of sugar and stir well. Enter into a mixture of butter and sour cream, all good rub.

Step 4:

In a separate bowl beat the eggs with the remaining sugar. Pour the egg mixture into the cottage cheese and mash all together until homogeneous. Put everything in a pan, put it on low heat and, stirring, heated until the surface bubbles.

Step 5:

Remove the pan from the heat, add the vanilla and mix well the mixture. Cool it in the refrigerator, put in a clean linen cloth and put in a special wooden or plastic form-pasochnitsu 12-15 hours. Then carefully remove the passover from the mold and place on a dish. Before serving keep it cold.

Step 6:

Very tasty and raisin-nut Easter. To prepare cheese mash, add to it the butter and sour cream, mix well. In a separate bowl mash the eggs with the sugar until white, add them to the cream cheese and kneaded again.

Step 7:

Scald with boiling water almonds, peel it and chop coarsely. Raisins iterate through, rinse well and pat dry. Put the fruits and nuts in the cottage cheese mixture, stir and move the mass in the pot. Boil it stirring over very low heat or water bath for about an hour, making sure the mixture does not boil.

Step 8:

The finished cottage cheese, remove from heat and add vanilla and grated lemon zest. Stir the mixture and cool on ice or in a refrigerator. Put it in a linen cloth and put in a form or under pressure for 20 hours.