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How to make cottage cheese soufflé in multivarka

Many housewives think that puddings and cheesecakes are the most delicious and easy to prepare dishes that can be prepared from cheese. Most likely the majority of them simply never cooked cottage cheese soufflé. If you want to pamper your loved ones a treat data, remember that for its preparation should be used only soft cheese and fatty cream.

How to make cottage cheese soufflé in multivarka

How to make cottage cheese soufflé in multivarka

You will need:

- 400 grams of cottage cheese average fat content;

- two tablespoons of sour cream;

- 100 grams of sugar;

- three eggs;

- 50 grams of semolina;

- vanillin (vanilla bag or a teaspoon of extract it);

- tablespoon of vegetable oil;

- 100 grams of raisins and dried apricots.

Dried fruits pour hot water, let stand 10 minutes, then rinse, dry and chop.

Curd wipe through a sieve, add the sour cream and mix it.

Separate the yolks from the whites, stir yolks and add to them the semolina and vanilla, beat whites with sugar in a lush lather.

Curd connect with the egg yolks and dried fruit, and then very carefully connect the mass is whipped proteins. 

Grease a bowl Multivarki oil and sprinkle with semolina. Pour the finished batter, close the lid, set the mode multivarka "bakery products" for 50 minutes.

At the time of the expiry of leave souffle in multivarka another 10 minutes, then lay it on a platter, cut and serve, sprinkling with sour cream, jam or marmalade.

How to make cottage cheese soufflé in a couple multivarka

You will need:

- 200 grams of cottage cheese;

- 150 grams of berry yogurt;

- three tablespoons of starch;

- one egg;

- three tablespoons of sugar;

- 100 grams currant berries (fresh or frozen).

In a blender, place the yogurt, cottage cheese, egg, starch (two tablespoons) and sugar. Beat all until smooth.

Thaw the berries (if required), roll them in a tablespoon of starch.

Connect with berries cooked earlier test.

Apply silicone molds with oil and place them in the cottage cheese. Cookie cutters, place in a bowl of steaming multivarkidlya.

In a bowl Multivarki pour three cups of water, then place in a bowl with multivarku silicone molds. Cook soufflé for 20 minutes at a time "steaming".