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How to make hot sauce

Speaking of hot sauce, immediately comes to mind adjika. He is considered one of the most burning. All thanks to the red pepper, which is contained in adzhika in large quantities. This kind of sauce is suitable for those who like "something hotter". Adjika is perfect to give zest to meat dishes.

How to make hot sauce

You will need:

• Ripe red tomatoes - 2.5 kg. • Sour-sweet apples - 500 grams. • Sweet pepper - 500 gr. • Carrots - 500g. • dill - 50g. (On customer wish) • Parsley - 50g. (On customer wish) • Garlic is peeled - 120 g. • Red hot pepper - 75g. • Vegetable oil - 250 gr. • Vinegar 9% - 2 tablespoons • Black pepper • Salt

Instruction how to make hot sauce

Step 1:

Prepare the bell and hot peppers, and apples. Of these, you need to remove the seeds. The flesh cut into pieces. Not necessarily make them too small, size does not play a special role. For adzhika used dried pods of red hot pepper. Fresh is not as sharp. If desired, can be separated from seeds not only apples, but the rind.

Step 2:

Cut the tomatoes into several parts. If grinding is used the blender, then do not necessarily. Peel the carrot and cut it into pieces. Put the above ingredients in a blender. You can use a meat grinder. Crush, but not to puree the state. In the resulting mass should remain small pieces of vegetables.

Step 3:

Add vegetable oil, vinegar, black pepper and salt. Mix thoroughly. Transfer the mixture in an enamel bowl. Metal containers should not be used without the cover. Vinegar and acid released from the vegetables, can corrode the surface. It is possible, of hazardous substances into the sauce. Bring to a boil the mass and simmer on low heat. Do not forget to occasionally stir the sauce. Cook adjika should be about 2 hours.

Step 4:

Prepare the banks, which will be expanded adjika. They need to be sterilized. This sauce will keep for a long time and do not give it to deteriorate. Place the jars in boiling water and give them a couple of minutes, "Cook". Chop the dill and parsley. Add them into finished adjika.

Step 5:

Spread sauce on a pre-prepared jars and close the lid. Application in food adzhika help resist colds and viral diseases, especially in winter and during the spring beriberi.

Step 6:

Do not eat hot sauce, if you have a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be dangerous for people suffering from ulcer, gastritis and other diseases associated with damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.