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How to make Korean-style carrot

Vegetable appetizers and salads are especially relevant in the summer. Since this dish passes the heat treatment, all nutrients (vitamins B2, ascorbic acid and others) are stored. Also carrots in Korean is unique in its taste, which is achieved through a large number of different spices used in the sauce.

How to make Korean-style carrot

You will need:

Carrot - 1 kg of vinegar - 4-5 tablespoons tablespoons sunflower oil - ½ cup sugar - 3 tablespoon salt - 1 tea spoon Black pepper (ground) - 1 tea spoon of garlic - 1 large or 3-4 small cloves Coriander - ½ tea spoon

Instruction how to make Korean-style carrot

Step 1:

To prepare a carrot should use a special grater, which will greatly simplify the process of preparing this dish and make it an appetizing appearance. This grater can be purchased in any market or supermarket in the department with knives and cutlery.

Step 2:

Thoroughly wash, peel and grate 1 kg of raw carrots on a special grater. Try to do so that the carrot is thin and elongated. It is necessary to trample obtained carrots hands, thanks to this it will be better able to soak spices and become more juicy.

Step 3:

Mix the sauce - 4-5 tablespoons of vinegar; - Half a cup of sunflower oil, which is necessary to preheat; - 3 tablespoons of table sugar; - 1 tea spoon of salt; - 1 tea spoon black pepper; - 1 large head and a couple of small heads of garlic peel and pass through chesnokodavku; - Add a pinch of specially trained coriander. How to cook the coriander: fry the coriander whole grains in a pan and grind them with a mortar.

Step 4:

To pre-grated carrots on a grater, add the resulting dressing and mix thoroughly. On how well you will mix it depends on how uniform flavor will range from lettuce.

Step 5:

Leave on for 6-8 hours in a cool place.

Step 6:

Salad is a great addition, as a vegetable or meat side dish or meal can be represented as an independent snack.