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How to make linseed oil

Flaxseed oil is again becoming more popular because it has valuable nutritional and health qualities, and also contains vitamins, essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated acids. It is used in cosmetics, medicine and cooking.

How to make linseed oil

You will need:

ripe linseed

Instruction how to make linseed oil

Step 1:

Flaxseed oil can be produced by two methods. First - this is a hot method in which the oil must fry, the second - cold pressed. I must say that it is useful linseed oil obtained by cold pressing, it retains all its valuable substances.

Step 2:

For the first method, you need to put 100 grams of flax seeds in a bowl and cover them with water, 100 ml. When the seeds will absorb all the water and swell (this happens after about an hour or more), place them on a dry preheated cast-iron frying pan.

Step 3:

Roast the seeds for an hour on low heat, covering cover. After longing seeds release a fluid that is oil. The resulting liquid is carefully pour into a container, it is better through a clean gauze filter.

Step 4:

The second method of producing flax seed oil longer. You have to grind the seeds in a blender finely as possible, almost to dust. Up to about the consistency of coffee for the Turks. Then the resulting mass is put in a fine sieve. Sieve and put the hang of capacity, which will drain the oil.

Step 5:

You can speed up the process a bit. At the bottom of the screen, place the gauze, and already it lay grind a lot of seeds. Top seeds press down oppression, then the oil will be released and drain much faster.

Step 6:

Once the oil will collect in container, squeeze the gauze soaked in oil. Pour the oil into a special container tightly close.