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How to make roses out of tomatoes

Everyone is always looking forward to the onset of the holidays. Festive dinner or extensive meal - a mandatory and integral part of every celebration. It was then at the center of attention - the holiday table. Every housewife, setting the table, thinks and takes into account the many nuances. Matches festive food, on the basis of events, thinks the design and decoration of dishes.

How to make roses out of tomatoes

You will need:

1 tomato, celery

Instruction how to make roses out of tomatoes

Step 1:

Take a hard tomato and cut the skin with a thin layer in the form of a spiral. It is best to use for this purpose a small thin knife. If the layer is thin enough, then you do not get neatly wrap the spiral and rosette will look rough.

Step 2:

Begin to cut the skin from the top of the tomato to the equatorial line. You will have a curved spiral arc. In order to comfortably wrap rosettes, cut chips of tomato. Start a new chip from the place where the first cut. Second spirals, vice versa, will have a concave shape.

Step 3:

Fold the two spirals, first one, then continue to turn, putting a second spiral. Spread them, imitate rose petals.

Step 4:

Put celery leaf rosettes around, it will instead leaf rose.

Step 5:

From solid tomato can also cut out the basket. From the tops of tomato draw up its middle, two parallel cut so as to obtain a strip of 4-5 mm. It will handle y our original baskets. Then, along the horizontal cut tomato on both sides right in the middle, without affecting the base of the handle baskets. Remove the upper part of the tomatoes on each side of the handle and remove the pulp of a tomato. Then with a sharp knife around the edge of teeth shape. This basket can be filled with any salad, minced herbs.