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How to marinate the hare

The quality of hare meat depends not only on the hunting method, storage and transportation, but also on the method of preparation. To maximize soften rabbit meat and prepared by a tasty dish, it should be pre-marinate.

How to marinate the hare

You will need:

Serum kvas or kefir; salt; nutmeg; cloves; Bay leaf; parsley; bow; carrot; garlic; vinegar; dry red wine; caraway; ground allspice; lemon; hare.

Instruction how to marinate the hare

Step 1:

The easiest way of marinating young hare - fill it with serum, kvass, skim milk or yogurt for twelve hours. old animal meat is filled with one of the above ingredients, but a couple of days. Hare marinated in the fridge, so it becomes much softer.

Step 2:

In half a kilogram of game you need two liters of water, which must boil over low heat. Add two tablespoons of salt, half crushed nutmeg, three dried buds of cloves and a few bay leaves. There also send the crushed root of parsley and cook a few minutes. Add three onions, cut into rings, three shredded carrots, five cloves of garlic. Pour half a cup of grape or vinegar and heat to boiling. Then cool slightly and pour the hot marinade meat rabbit. Cover the bowl with a lid and let it sit for five to seven hours. Hare ready for cooking.

Step 3:

For the next process for the preparation of cold marinade you will need three liters of dry red wine, which should be mixed with half a glass of apple or grape vinegar. Add the wine solution for two chopped carrots and onions, three cloves of garlic and a couple of bay leaves and half a teaspoon of ground allspice and cumin. Add salt to taste and set the marinade on the fire, boil until the liquid does not boil until one-third of the original volume. Cool the composition and fill them meat rabbit.

Step 4:

Squeeze the juice of half a glass of a large lemon and bring the volume of cold water to one half cup. In enameled saucepan add the chopped hare layer and sprinkle with salt, grated nutmeg and pepper, and other spices can be added to taste. Then put a layer of chopped onion rings and pour a tablespoon of lemon juice diluted. Put a layer of hare again, and continue to alternate layers until then, until the end of the meat. Cover the pan with a lid and store in the refrigerator overnight.