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How to pickle

The marinade consists of water, salt, sugar, vinegar. Salt and sugar should be clean, free of foreign debris. Salt to prepare the marinade is better to use small, in packs, as long coarse salt dissolves in water. In addition, such salt cleaner than the Weigh.

How to pickle

You will need:

water; salt; vinegar; sugar; spices.

Instruction how to make the marinade

Step 1:

The solution should contain salt marinade from 4 to 8%, and sugar from the AR4 10% depending on the type of vegetables. This means that one liter of water is necessary to take from 40 to 80 grams of fine salt and 100 g of sugar. The desired amount of salt and sugar, for each kind of vegetables, indicated in the recipe.

Step 2:

Boil the water. Add the salt and sugar. Stir until completely dissolved in water.

Step 3:

Then boil the water for ten minutes. The boiling point of water at the surface of the foam to appear. It can be removed with a spoon, but can strain through several layers of cheesecloth.

Step 4:

When the marinade boil, add acetic acid. Acetic acid is volatile, and if it will add in the beginning, it may completely disappear by boiling marinade. From this marinade will become weaker and preservative effect of its decline.

Step 5:

Acetic acid can be used as a weak strength of 5-9% vinegar, or in the form of vinegar 80% strength. Most often used for marinades strong vinegar essence. If you'll marinate a lot of vegetables, then add the vinegar to the water. If you'll marinate a few cans of vegetables, then add vinegar essence better in each bank individually.

Step 6:

Spices put on the bottom of each jar. Spices are added almost always in very small quantities. In 1 g to be 25-30 grains of black pepper, the same number of grains of allspice, clove flower 12-18 stuff.

Step 7:

Ready to pour the marinade over the vegetables in the banks.