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How to pour the Sheridans

Sheridans is one of the most unusual alcoholic beverages. The Irish believe this two-tone liqueur his pride. It is bottled in the original two-section bottle in one part of which is coffee and chocolate liqueur, in the second - vanilla cream. In the process of pouring a glass Sheridans unusual bottle design allows you to keep a proportion - one vanilla and creamy part coffee to two, with a creamy component is lighter, then gently rests on top of the coffee layer.

How to pour the Sheridans

You will need:

-Sheridans bottle; -koloty ice.

Instruction how to pour sheridans

Step 1:

Take a glass and put it on the bottom of the ice. For Sheridans, however, as other liquors, better to take a low glass. When using melkokolotogo ice, the two-layer liqueur in the glass looks most impressive.

Step 2:

Uncork the bottle. Slowly pour the liquor into a glass. To achieve stratification of liquors from the two sections should be poured into a glass at a time. Geysers in these sections of different diameters themselves will dispense two liquor, and, consequently, Sheridans will be poured in the ratio 1: 2. First, in the glass liquor mix, but with proper instruction is executed, after a while, cream liqueur delicately fall on the coffee portion of the beverage in the glass, and will be divided into two layers.

Step 3:

Serve Sheridans at the end of dinner, or to freshly brewed coffee or tea. With this drink combines excellent coffee, butter, vanilla cookies, and he is good in the duet with ice cream, hot chocolate, orange and lemon juice. He is incomparable in its purest form.