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How to prepare a brew of dry leaven

In the hot summer it is very thirsty. To quench your thirst, prepare the brew. The recipe of this drink a lot, one of the lungs is the preparation of dry kvass leaven.

How to prepare a brew of dry leaven

You will need:

- dry brew; - Sugar; - Raisins; - Yeast.

Instruction how to prepare the brew of dry leaven

Step 1:

To prepare the drink by this method, you will need to buy dry kvass in the store. Usually it consists of rye malt, sugar, yeast and bread crumbs. Pay attention to the composition - crackers may be different from flour, it depends on the taste of the future of kvas. It is not desirable, no preservatives, so carefully study the label.

Step 2:

To prepare kvass you will need warm boiled water and the bank. Pour boiling water jar, then pour it in 3 tablespoons mixture, put 3 tablespoons of sugar, a few crusts of rye bread and a packet of dry yeast. Fill halfway with warm water and mix. Tie the jar with cheesecloth, so it did not get wine gnats who love to breed in such an environment.

Step 3:

Put the jar in a warm place and wait a day. During this time, start fermenting. Add 2 tablespoons of dry kvass and 1-2 tablespoons of sugar. Fill with warm water almost at the neck, back tie with cheesecloth and place in a warm dark place. After the first 2-3 days kvass is ready. It smells a little yeast. Drain it, strain and put in the refrigerator and in the jar with the precipitate again, add warm water, put the sugar, kvass dry and place on a day or two. The second brew will have much tastier.