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How to prepare a cocktail of martini

Martini - alcoholic beverages produced in the factory Martini. They can drink in pure form, but they are also set cocktail ingredients. The most popular vermouth, Martini produced at the plant, but still there are several types of sparkling wines, which are also available under this brand.

How to prepare a cocktail of martini

You will need:

Ingredients for Cocktail Shaker Strainer Highball

Instruction how to prepare a cocktail of martini

Step 1:

Vesper Martini. The original cocktail with a memorable taste. You will need 45ml gin 15ml vodka, Martini ExtraDry 5 ml and 2.5 ml of Martini Bianco, a slice of lemon, and about 200g of ice cubes. The cocktail is made in a shaker. Mix first all alcoholic beverages. Then add a little lemon peel, after the ice cubes. Mix all in a shaker again. Then pour the mixture through a strainer into a pre-chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon slice the resulting cocktail.

Step 2:

Mimosa Martini. Very simple cocktail that can be prepared without any devices. For him the need orange juice - 30 ml, and 130 ml of dry sparkling wine Martini Brut. Pour into a pre-chilled glass of juice, then add to the martini. The cocktail is ready!

Step 3:

Martini Mohitati. This cocktail, close to the Mojito, but as the main ingredient used to him a martini. You will need 40 ml of white rum Bacardi, 20 ml of Limoncello, Martini ExtraDry - 30 ml, Angostura bitters in an amount of about one drop, and soda - 75 ml sugar syrup - about 20 ml. Lime and mint will be useful to create a basic flavor notes and ornaments. On the glass will also need about 250 g of crushed ice.

Step 4:

To prepare the drink, put the mint and lime in a highball glass, then crush them with a muddler. After that throws in a highball ice, pour the sugar syrup in turn, limoncello, and Bacardi Martini. The latest in sves added to soda water. Lightly stir all the cocktail spoon. It's time to drop Angostura bitters. Finally, you can decorate the resulting cocktail with mint and lime.

Step 5:

Vodka Martini. This is quite simple but popular cocktail. For him, take the 8 parts of vodka and 2 of the dry martini. Mix everything, add the lemon zest. You can add ice. Cocktail belongs to the category of shorts, served in a glass.

Step 6:

Dry Martini. The recipe is similar to the previous one, but it uses 8 parts gin 2 parts dry martini. It is very famous worldwide for a cocktail, he appeared in the XIX century, and since then very popular all over the world. While in a cocktail glass.