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How to prepare a salad of canned fish

Canned fish - is the main component of fish salads. They do not need to be worked, suitable for salads, sandwiches, nutritionally they are even superior to canned meat and diversify your home menu.

How to prepare a salad of canned fish

You will need:

six eggs: 3 potatoes; large carrots; one jar of canned fish; one onion onion; 100 g Cheese 100 grams of butter.

Instruction how to prepare salads canned fish

Step 1:

Boil hard boiled eggs, cook for eight, maximum nine minutes. Separate the whites from the yolks and rub them on a fine grater.

Step 2:

On a plate lay the first layer of egg whites, brush a layer of mayonnaise.

Step 3:

Boil the potatoes «in uniform», clean it and rub on a small grater, distributing evenly over the dish. Then lubricate the layer of mayonnaise. The second layer is recommended to put the potatoes to the excess juice from canned fish additionally infiltrated it, so it is important that this layer was a little mayonnaise.

Step 4:

Open a jar of canned fish and chop or remember the pieces, put them on a third layer on top of a plate of potatoes, a layer of grease with mayonnaise.

Step 5:

Bulb onion, clean and chop. Put it on top of the fourth layer of canned fish, brush a layer of mayonnaise.

Step 6:

Boil carrots "in uniform", clean it and rub on a coarse grater, put carrots fifth thin layer, brush a layer of mayonnaise.

Step 7:

Take the cheese and grate it on a small grater, put him sixth layer on top of the onions, brush a layer of mayonnaise.

Step 8:

Melt butter and add the mayonnaise to taste, mix thoroughly into it. The top layer of lettuce lubricate the mix on top, sprinkle with chopped egg yolks. Instead of butter may be used processed cheese, grated on a coarse grater.

Step 9:

Remove the salad of canned fish for half an hour in the refrigerator to cool, before serving, garnish with a sprig of greenery.