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How to prepare a salad of eggplant

Dishes from eggplant to date are very popular. Eggplant is not only tasty, but also useful, because it contains potassium, contributes to the normalization of water metabolism, and vitamins C and D. If you use eggplant reduces cholesterol. Eggplant is the enemy of our illnesses and loyal friend the cook. Recipes Eggplant demand on all culinary forums, especially - eggplant salad. These recipes all the requirements of modern cooking: tasty and simple.

How to prepare a salad of eggplant

You will need:

For the eggplant salad with potatoes 1 eggplant, 3 medium-sized potatoes, 2 tomatoes, horseradish root, 150 ml cream, salt to taste, parsley. For a salad of eggplant with tomatoes and parsley 400 grams of eggplant, 200 g onions, 200 grams of peppers, 400 g tomatoes, 50 g of sunflower oil, pepper, vinegar, herbs salt - to taste.

Instruction how to cook eggplant salad

Step 1:

Eggplant salad with potatoes. Boil potatoes, cool and cut into circles.

Step 2:

Tomatoes clean from the seeds and peel and cut the same as potatoes.

Step 3:

Then cook the eggplant, this clean them and cut into squares, then simmer in a pan under the lid closed. When they are cooked, fill them with cream and salt. Add horseradish, crushed on a grater and greens into the pan to the eggplants. Leave it for 10 minutes in a frying pan to languish, remove pan from heat.

Step 4:

When the eggplant a little cool, add them to the potatoes with tomatoes and mix well. You can bring to the table, enjoy your meal!

Step 5:

Eggplant Salad with tomatoes and parsley. Eggplant wash and peel, cut into circles, add salt and let stand 5 minutes, then rinse with water so that the departed salt and lightly fry.

Step 6:

Thus prepared eggplant sauté until cooked with onions in sunflower oil. Allow to cool and place in a salad bowl.

Step 7:

Tomatoes cut into circles, peppers remove seeds and cut into strips. Mix the eggplant with tomatoes and peppers. Season with salt and pepper, pour the vinegar and stir. Bon Appetit!