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How to prepare compote of red currants

Currant - a storehouse of vitamins. It is very useful in fresh form, but you can prepare it for the future in the form of jams and compotes. To preserve as many vitamins as possible, berries need to give less heat treatment. To prepare compote currant berries can take different types: black, red, white currant.

How to prepare compote of red currants

You will need:

At the 3 liter jar compote • 2 liters of water • 800 g currants • 300-400 gr. Sahara

Instruction how to prepare compote of red currants

Step 1:

Currant compote to be Freshly, mature, intact. First of all, currants need to sort out and separate from the stalk, 2-3 times rinse berries, placing them in a colander and drain the water.

How to prepare compote of red currants

Step 2:

Then it is necessary to prepare a sugar syrup. In boiling water, add sugar, mix well, when it is completely dissolved, remove the pan from the heat.

Step 3:

After the slightly cooled syrup. currant berries dipped in it for one or two minutes, in order to further currant not wrinkled in the compote.

Step 4:

The pre-prepared jars put currants and pour the hot sugar syrup. Cover the jar previously scalded with boiling water. Banks with compote should be placed in the hot water of 90-95 degrees and sterilized. 1 liter jar must be sterilized for 15 minutes, and 3-liter - 25 minutes.

Step 5:

Sterilized jars immediately roll covers, turn and leave to cool.

How to prepare compote of red currants

Step 6:

There is another recipe for cooking compote of red currant. Red currant close to the banks with branches. Sprigs of berries then you can decorate the various dishes. Currants also need to sort out, remove all extraneous debris and then rinse and allow to drain water. After pour berries with sugar syrup, add citric acid to taste and boil. Then pour into sterilized jars, roll up and wrap up well banks, as long as possible remained hot. Compote of red currants ready! Bon Appetit!

How to prepare compote of red currants