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How to prepare milk fish?

Milk fish - a highly controversial product. Some housewives like him and enthusiastically preparing their households, the other women are milk with some disgust, but in vain. After all, this product - a protein in a pure form, and therefore a useful and nutritious. With the right preparation process milk fish turns out very tasty.

How to prepare milk fish?

So, how to make milk fish, so that it turned out delicious. To implement the counter in the life reserved by the following ingredients:

Milk fish - 200-300 g; Carrots - 1 pc. big size; Onions - 1 head; A few cloves of garlic; Vegetable oil without aroma - 2 tbsp. l .; Soy sauce - 1 tbsp. l .; Red pepper as desired.

Carrots need to wash, peel and grate on a large shredder. Onions chop arbitrary slices, garlic, chop finely with a knife as possible. Now, on the preheated pan pour the vegetable oil, put the onion and carrot. Give the vegetables a little fry, add pre-washed and cut into a few pieces of fish milt. Pour into a dish of soy sauce and spices to taste.

Now we need to put out the milk to the minimum readiness to fire. When the dish is almost ready, add the garlic in a frying pan, all carefully stop, put out 5-7 minutes and can be removed from the stove. it is recommended to give authentic quarter of an hour before serving.

There can be as a separate dish or side dish to complement fish milt. By the way, this recipe allows adding not only onions and carrots, and other vegetables, such as peppers. But it is a matter of taste.