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How to prepare rabbit in sour cream with apples

Rabbit meat - dietary and healthy product. It is important to cook it properly, because the meat itself is often dryly. Try to cook rabbit stew in sour cream with apples - he will turn soft and sweet, this dish is sure to appeal to all members of the household and guests.

How to prepare rabbit in sour cream with apples

You will need:

Rabbit 1.5-2 kg; salty bacon 100 grams; vegetable oil; carrot 2-3 pieces; Bow 3 pcs; greenery; 1 head garlic; boiling water; cream 0.5 kg; Apples 2 pcs.

Instruction how to cook rabbit in sour cream with apples

Step 1:

Rabbit to cut the carcass into small portions. Separately, cut the ribs, legs split on joints. Interiors can be cooked together with meat, especially if the rabbit is only one. Leave the liver, the heart as it is, not slicing. If the rabbit is not the first youth, you can soak the meat for half an hour in a weak solution of vinegar or lemon juice.

Step 2:

Set on fire cauldron or a large frying pan with a thick bottom and pour a little vegetable oil. Cut thin plates salty bacon and place it in the hot oil.

Step 3:

Heated with fat from the bacon, trying to avoid overcooking. Fat is necessary in order to make the dish juicier, but if you are on a diet - it is better to do without him.

Step 4:

Put into the cauldron of rabbit meat and wait a few minutes, without stirring. Rabbit will stew in a cauldron in own juice and fat about 15 minutes, do not forget it while stirring from time to time.

Step 5:

Cut the carrots into sticks large and onion - diced. The more onions, the tastier the dish will turn out. In one rabbit, take two or three carrots, and at least three large follicles. Apple peel and cut out the core, cut them thin plates. Garlic and green chop.

Step 6:

When the rabbit meat covered zazharistoy crust, add the onion and cook kettle for 15 minutes. Then lay carrots and leave for another 10 minutes. Fill rabbit with vegetables with boiling water from the kettle so that it just disappeared under the water.

Step 7:

Let the dish simmer for a few minutes and add 0.5 kg of sour cream. rabbit Simmer another 15-20 minutes, in the end, add the apples, garlic and fresh herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Remove the kettle from the heat and let it brew for a little rabbit and cool.

Step 8:

As a side dish you can use any cereal or mashed. But if you are not afraid of calories - fry in lard potatoes, the dish will be simply divine.