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How to prepare a salad "Tenderness"

Salad "Tenderness" - Simple in execution, but very tasty and easy dish. It is suitable for the reception of guests and for lunch or dinner with your family. And it is perfect for vegetarians.

How to prepare a salad

You will need:

green apples - 2 pcs, cheese -. 250 g, onions - 2 pieces, light mayonnaise -. 100-150 g Eggs - 4 pcs.

Instruction how to prepare a salad "tenderness"

Step 1:

Take onions and clean it. To prepare the salad "Tenderness" best suited white onion: it is less bitter. Cut it into half rings and place in a bowl. Pour boiling water over the bow and let it sit for a few minutes. In this way all zhguchest bow remains in the water. If you have a conventional bow, it can be scalded with boiling water twice.

Step 2:

Take a deep salad bowl. Preparing salad layers, it is desirable that the bottom is flat and of sufficiently large diameter. Put the bottom of the prepared onions in a single layer. Although the number depends on how you feel about this vegetable. Top layer of grease a small amount of mayonnaise.

Step 3:

Apples wash and peel. To prepare this salad is best suited apples green or yellow varieties: they have the necessary acidity. Very sweet apples are not suitable for this salad. Grate the apple on a coarse grater and immediately put in a salad bowl on top of the onions and mayonnaise. The layer should be 1.5 cm thick. On top again anoint mayonnaise.

Step 4:

Rub cheese on a fine grater. Cheese is best to rub immediately before you upload it to the salad bowl, so he had no time to skomkovatsya. It is better to take the cheese varieties, but not cheese: its flavor is too individual for salad "Tenderness". Grated cheese lay out on a layer of apples, brushing the top with mayonnaise.

Step 5:

Separate the whites from the yolks and rub them in a different capacity. Please put in a salad bowl with a thin protein layer, brush with mayonnaise and sprinkle on top of all the yolk. The dish is ready, bon appetit!