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How to preserve tomatoes

At the end of the summer gardeners with great pleasure that I make good crop of tomatoes. Preserved in the form of salads, meats and a whole fruit will enjoy all winter tomatoes. But often want fresh vegetables, especially in times of a lack of vitamins.

How to preserve tomatoes

Save fresh tomatoes until the end of the winter period, it is quite possible, knowing a few simple tips.

Collect fruit for storage should be implemented carefully enough. Tomatoes must either be green or even milk. Damaged and affected fruit should fall into the storage container, from which it is better to get rid of.

Tara storage tomatoes need to prepare in advance. To do this, fit disinfected wooden crates, the bottom of which it is appropriate to lay a paper.

Each fruit should be wrapped in tissue paper and tuck neatly into a container. Permissible to stack the tomatoes rows.

The boxes must be installed in a sufficient dark room where the temperature should not exceed 10 ° C. It is desirable to produce every day airing tomatoes storage space and a weekly inspection of the fruit.

In order to get rid of excess moisture in the container should be added peat and sawdust and monitor the relative humidity of the room. It should be within 80%.