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How to remove the taste of bile in fish

Fish is a tasty and healthy product, however, with its cutting may leak bile. Also bought the carcass of fish, such as pollock, may have yellow stains on the inside of the abdomen. How, in these cases, to get rid of bitterness and make tasty fish?

How to remove the taste of bile in fish

Instruction how to remove the taste of bile in fish

Step 1:

The first rule that must be observed to avoid bitterness - it is to correctly handle the fish before cooking. When cutting it in any case does not cut her liver and gall bladder. In these cases, it poured bile. To them not to hurt, take a simple chef's knife, carefully cut off the fins of a fish and the head. Then remove the skin from the fish and proceed to remove the innards. To do this, place the fish on board on the side and lightly cut abdomen. Try to cut shallow fish. In no case did not cut the fish in half - in which case you likely will touch her liver.

Step 2:

If bile still spilled, it should be soaked in water fish, as well as to treat salt thereof. After that, it is necessary to rinse with cold water. When buying a gutted fish can sometimes be found on her suspicious plaque. It may consist of bile. Then, just in case, sprinkle it with lemon juice to get rid of the bitter taste and smell. This method is applicable only when a small amount of bile permeated small areas of tissue ..

Step 3:

Securely deletes the bile of fish with the usual vinegar. It is best suited for that apple cider vinegar, which does not discourage the delicate flavor of fish, and, at the same time, removes the bitterness. Before its use immediately after cleaning thoroughly rinse fish. Then promazhte apple cider vinegar and abdomen adjacent to the place of it. Then rinse with vinegar and soak the fish in a bowl with cold water.

Step 4:

If you find the taste and smell of bile into the already cooked fish, the only way to remove them - is to add to the dish celery and parsley. Well suited for this fresh herbs from the garden, because it is more fragrant and juicy. If you find such, you can not, use an ordinary purchase. The main thing that it was not a faded and yellowed.