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How to select, store and eat honey

Fragrant sweet honey is appreciated since ancient times. Due to its unique biological properties and rich chemical composition of this product is an excellent tonic and healing tool. For honey is a pleasure and brought only benefit the body, it is necessary to choose only natural.

How to select, store and eat honey

You will need:

- low-grade sheet of paper; - distilled water; - Iodine; - Vinegar essence.

Instruction how to select, store and eat honey

Step 1:

Choosing honey, pay attention to its color. Each variety of honey has a certain color. Linden - amber, flower - light yellow, clover - light, sometimes yellow, buckwheat honey is colored in shades of brown. Pure honey is not pure, whatever its origin, usually transparent. If its composition contains starch, sugar and other impurities, and it is unclear precipitate.

Step 2:

Notice how the scent has bee products. This honey is characterized by fragrant, with nothing comparable to the smell. Adding sugar makes honey to taste close to the sweetened water, which has no odor.

Step 3:

The consistency of the honey is thin and delicate. It must be easy to become powdered between the fingers, seamlessly absorbed into the skin. Adulterated product has a rough structure, and on the fingers when rubbed lumps remain.

Step 4:

Check if your honey sugar and water added. To do this, take a sheet of low-grade paper absorbs moisture, and drip a drop of honey on it. If a drop will spread, leaving a wet spot on the paper, or seep through it, it means that the honey diluted with water. The natural product water is not available. Also spreading honey on paper may be indicative of low quality and it means that the product is taken from the hive immature. This honey has a high moisture content and perishable.

Step 5:

Also identify the content in honey sugar syrup can be lowered into it a piece of bread. Remove the bread after 10 minutes. In-kind product quality bread hardens. If a piece of softened or raspolzsya, before you sugar syrup.

Step 6:

To find out, whether contained in honey starch and chalk, dilute with a little honey a small amount of distilled water to drip 5 drops of iodine. If the solution will acquire a blue color, then used in the manufacture of the starch product. Dropping in the same solution a few drops of vinegar (instead of iodine), you can see if the chalk in honey contains: a solution containing it, hiss.

Step 7:

When buying honey in store, take the first small amount in 3-4 regular sellers. Houses make all of the above samples and store for future use the honey, which corresponds to the natural quality.

Step 8:

Store honey in clay, glass, wood, ceramic and porcelain ware. Never store the honey in a metal container, as contained in the composition of the acid metal can react. This will lead to a decrease in nutrients and increase in honey heavy metals. Such a product can not only lead to the occurrence of discomfort in the stomach, and poisoning.