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How to stay in shape and do not overeat during the holidays

New Year holidays are always accompanied by severe and prolonged fun for the body to feast. Typically, these gatherings and lead to a set of extra kilos and a malfunction of the body. However, to protect yourself from overeating it is possible, just enough to follow the simple rules.

How to stay in shape and do not overeat during the holidays

Instruction how to stay in shape and do not overeat during the holidays

Step 1:

Well what a New Year without sparkling champagne ?! It is unlikely that this can be represented. However, pay more attention to clean water, which must necessarily be combined with the adoption of alcoholic beverages. Take a mental note that one glass of water falls on the '50 spirits or a glass of wine. As often as possible lean on clean water, and alcoholic beverages, shall remain your friends.

Step 2:

Try to make Christmas less calorie meals. Even the usual traditional salads can be converted into useful food. Replace sausage on boiled meat and mayonnaise on the sauce and yogurt, and your meals will play completely different colors.

Step 3:

Change the usual Russians festive table decoration. It is not necessary to table bursting with treats and salads were huge basins. Give more than a gourmet feast and aesthetics. Serve food in small portions, as is customary in restaurants, so guests enjoyed the taste and aroma of cooked.

Step 4:

In between holiday feasts do not forget to give your body rest and recover. Eat More time is dairy products, and meat, vegetables and fruit. Do not forget about products containing vitamins B - greens, eggs, cereals, beans, etc.

Step 5:

Last, but not least advice applies to mealtimes. Try to try any dishes until midnight and the rest of the holiday to spend walking, dancing, and taking an active part in public events. It is not necessary every 15 minutes to catch the plug with a desire to eat, the best drink water or even juice. Then New Year's holidays will seem bright and cheerful, and the body will repay you good health.