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How to store ginger root

Ginger root - spice is not only, but also a therapeutic agent which is used for a long time yet. Ginger is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It cleanses the body of toxins and stimulates digestion. Furthermore, ginger root and has anti-inflammatory properties, and is effective for the prevention of cancer. There are many ways to store ginger root, it is quite easy and simple.

How to store ginger root

You will need:

- Ginger root; - Container; - Parchment paper; - White wine.

Instruction how to store ginger root

Step 1:

If you want to keep ginger root as long as possible, for this you can use the freezer. Due to freezing, the taste and beneficial properties of ginger virtually indistinguishable from fresh. To this end, ginger root should be carefully wash and dry them with a towel. Fold in a plastic container or other containers and put into the freezer. If you want to get the ginger and cut off the right amount. Store thus ginger can be up to 12 months.

Step 2:

If you need peeled ginger, it is best to do so: ginger root to wash, peel with a sharp knife and grate. Form of grated ginger small portioned slices and wrap in greaseproof paper. Store in freezer. Very simple and easy to use, shelf life - 8 months.

Step 3:

Slice the ginger root thin plates, fold into a suitable bowl and fill it with white wine, dry, store in a refrigerator. Thus, ginger flavor and retain its freshness for several weeks. Wine can be used for the preparation of the sauce or stew.

Step 4:

In the bottom of the refrigerator compartment to store fresh ginger root is recommended that no more than five days. During this time no ginger root and lose their beneficial therapeutic properties.