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How to store salted fish

Salted fish - a delicious and convenient solution for the hostess, because it can bring to the table immediately, without further treatment. Only here to keep such fish should be correct, however, to make it easy if you follow a few rules.

How to store salted fish

You will need:

-a fish; -fridge; -the cloth; -brine; -paper; -morozilnaya camera.

Instruction how to store salted fish

Step 1:

Immediately after the salted fish, wrap it in paper or cloth and put in the fridge. Shelf life in the refrigerator - about five days. Periodically check the product: If the fish appeared slippery coating of white color, it is necessary to wash off, and immediately the fish consumed as food. Click on the fish finger - if the surface remained dent, which is not straightened, the product is likely to have already started to deteriorate and there it is dangerous.

Step 2:

Herring store in brine, but not in salted water, and natural - that is, in the juice, which gave the fish in a barrel when stored. If the brine is not enough - they dampen the cloth and wrap this cloth fish.

Step 3:

Another way of herring Storage: Put the fish in a glass or enamel bowl, pour the vegetable oil.

Step 4:

Red varieties of fish are perfectly stored in the freezer with a strong frost. Keep in paper or cloth, but do not use as polyethylene packaging.

Step 5:

Do not place in the freezer for herring, mackerel and other species of fish with white meat. When defrosting it becomes watery and loses its taste.

Step 6:

Do not store next to the fish with vegetables, egg shells, and other similar products on the surface may be micro-organisms that contribute to damage the fish.

Step 7:

If you can not put the fish in the refrigerator, it can be stored in a dark dry place at a temperature of 10-12 degrees.

Step 8:

It is strongly recommended to pay attention to the condition of the fish before you have started it to salt than it is fresh, so, of course, the longer it can be stored after the treatment.

Step 9:

If in doubt about the freshness of the fish - it is better to throw it, rather than risk. Poisoning of fish - one of the toughest.