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How to use sea salt in food

Sea salt from sea water is evaporated and purified from admixtures slightly. It contains many useful elements and emphasizes the original taste of food, making it more fragrant and tender.

How to use sea salt in food

You will need:

- sea ​​salt

Instruction how to use sea salt in food

Step 1:

Use large and medium sea salt for the preparation of the first dishes - put into the pot immediately after boiling vegetable and fish soups, and before the end of cooking meat soups.

Step 2:

Pour large and medium sea salt in hot water before cooking rice, vegetables and pasta. Use a salt for preserving and salting fish.

Step 3:

Eat fine sea salt in ready-made dishes, including directly at the table. The salads sea salt put before you pour their oil.

Step 4:

Try a mixture called "Sea salt with herbs," which includes, in addition to salt, green onions, parsley, basil, seaweed and sometimes even spices. This combination helps to strengthen the immune system, break down fat and to withdraw fluid from the body. Especially a mixture of salt and herbs useful for people with kidney disease and hypertension. They even advised to take a daily teaspoon of this mixture as a medicine.

Step 5:

Note that high-quality sea salt should contain about 50% KCl. It has no artificial additives. The salts dominated CaKl, little valuable components that can improve the body. Sea salt is generally considered to be more salt than regular refined salt, and therefore added to food it should be less than we used to.