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Interesting facts about ice cream

Ice cream - it's sweet and tasty treat that is loved by children and adults. In hot weather, it is becoming very popular. Today there are a large variety of ice creams. The history of this cold delicacy dates back to ancient China, where some 5000 years ago. In the houses of wealthy Chinese people to the table was served frozen fruit juices. Alexander the Great also loved ice cream, and Hippocrates argued that it helps get rid of the heat.

Interesting facts about ice cream

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Step 1:

Modern ice cream appeared in Russia in the XVIII century. Earlier in Russia was mixed milk with honey, and then the resulting mixture is frozen in portioned form. On Shrove Tuesday, too, was prepared from a frozen mixture of cream, sugar, sour cream and raisins.

Step 2:

The famous traveler Marco Polo brought ice cream recipe to Europe in 1295. To cool this delicacy while nitrate was used.

Step 3:

It is said that on the island of St. Helena, where the exiled French Emperor Napoleon, brought a special device for the production of ice cream. Very famous commander liked this delicacy. Even in exile I could not deny myself this pleasure.

Step 4:

Even in the XIX century ice cream was very expensive delicacy that can afford only the wealthy strata of the population.

Step 5:

Ice cream, popsicle invented Christian Nelson. He covered ice cream with chocolate glaze and named this product "eskimo-pie", which means "pie Eskimo".

Step 6:

Ice cream on a stick was invented by accident. Frank Epperson somehow accidentally left in the cold glass of soda, which was straw. Seeing the result of the morning, the resourceful Californian immediately patented the invention in 1905 and began producing frozen lemonade, which he called popsicle. During the Great Depression began to produce this product immediately with two sticks to one portion could break in half if necessary.

Step 7:

In the world there are varieties of ice cream with taste of fish, seafood, garlic, chili, cheese, mushrooms, bacon, tomato and celery. By the way, in the Soviet Union in the 80s of the last century also produced tomato sorbet, but very popular among the population of this exotic delicacy did not enjoy.

Step 8:

Most ice cream is used in the United States, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand and Denmark. Cafe, which is located in Venezuela, offers more than 700 varieties of dessert. This is the largest ice-cream in the world.

Step 9:

In the US, it does not cure the common cold honey and raspberry, and hot-water bottles with ice cold shower ... and a special ice cream. It includes ginger, lemon juice and honey, also released version therapeutic ice cream with cayenne pepper and bourbon.

Step 10:

Ice cream is an excellent tool for the prevention of sore throats, tonsillitis and pharyngitis. It hardens and makes the throat mucosa less susceptible to changes in temperature.

Step 11:

The most expensive ice cream is served in the restaurant Serendipity (New York). This dessert is added, Madagascan vanilla, and it is covered with a layer of edible gold. Also, this delicacy is served exotic fruits, coated with gold, cherry and marzipan truffles. The price of this dish also includes a special gold spoon decorated with diamonds, which the visitor can pick up a memory about how much money for the ice cream tasted in New York.

Step 12:

In 2002, Chile was arrested a street vendor ice cream, which simply was not besieged by customers. It turned out that the Latin American resourceful entrepreneur added to the ice cream cocaine. His product is addictive in people who consumed it.

Step 13:

In 2006, Beijing had made a huge cake of ice cream. He weighed 8 tons and its length is 4.8 m, height - 1 m, width - 3 m. The cake was decorated with drawings of teddy bears, and its production was part of a campaign of children's performance "The mountain of ice cream."

Step 14:

In Moscow, too, we have made a huge two-meter snowman ice cream. It weighed more than 300 kg, and was carried out in the colors of the Russian tricolor. The Guinness Book of Records listed a cake of ice cream, which is manufactured in Canada in 2011. It weighed about 10 tons. In the preparation of this dessert, it took 9 tons of ice cream, 136 kilograms of chocolate crumb and 90 kilograms of biscuits.


You can please and surprise guests an unusual dessert - fried ice cream. To do this, a ball of ice cream is very frozen, then roll in flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Store in the freezer should be prefabricated, and just before serving, you need to very quickly fry ice cream fried.