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Meat in predatory

Once upon a time the robbers in the woods to avoid being tracked down during cooking, cook the meat in deep holes on the coals. Accordingly, at night, in the woods, light a fire and the coal was not visible and the smoke dissipated, he cooled down and not raised up. This recipe allows you to re-create at home a taste of the bandit, meat.

Meat in predatory

You will need:

Fresh pork meat - 1.5 kg, garlic - 1 clove, bay leaf - 3 leaf, mayonnaise, black pepper, salt

Instruction meat Robber

Step 1:

A piece of pork requires solid, it is desirable that it was neck or ham. A piece of meat you need to lard with garlic and bay leaf. Garlic cloves are cleaned and cut in half, bay leaf breaks in length and then in half to get quartered sheet. The meat makes an incision with a knife on all sides to a depth of 2 cm, the incisions are inserted half garlic cloves and bay leaf quartered. Notched for nashpigovyvaniya must be at least 10 pieces.

Step 2:

After nashpigovyvaniya meat is necessary to tie a strong thread of natural piece to prevent an unexpected change in the shape of the meat during roasting. Then rub the prepared piece of meat with salt, black pepper and gently coat with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Step 3:

Place the meat on the prepared baking sheet in the oven, the top cover with parchment paper and bake at 100 degrees for at least 8 hours. At the end of cooking remove the parchment paper and continue to bake the meat at 210 degrees for 10 minutes.