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Meat pie of thin lavash

Prepare the cake, not kneading dough - that's a great option quick summer lunch. In addition, it is hearty and tasty dish will appeal to all lovers of meat and greens. And the simplicity of preparation will allow the whole family to enjoy it as often as possible.

Meat pie of thin lavash

The cake turns out juicy and delicious. And thanks to the fact that all its constituent components - natural, it is also useful. He, no doubt, and enjoy the stronger sex, who love to eat dense, and kids who can take part in cooking. Actions such as dipping pita in kefir, will not leave indifferent any young chef. And try your own meal - what could be better?


• thin pita - 3 sheets

• meat (preferably beef, but you can take any of your choice) - 400 g

• yogurt - 1.5 cups

• egg - 1 pc.

• Cheese - 200 g

• Carrots - 1 pc.

• onion - 1 head

• herbs to taste


To begin shred the meat. We grind it into a food processor or mince can be ready to take the stuffing, if you are sure of its quality.

Fry minced resulting in a small amount of vegetable oil and leave to cool slightly.

At this time, the shape of pita spread. We spread the pita so that its edges overlapping went on ledges form. It is better to take two sheets of lavash, lay them on the floor on top of each other so that one half of each sheet lying on the bottom, and the other half went beyond the edge of the form.

The cooled stuffing mix with chopped vegetables, herbs and grated cheese. Half of the mass spread on pita bread. Kefir stir in egg.

We tear pita bread into pieces and dipped in yogurt. Pieces of pita bread soaked in yogurt, Mnemonic and lay crumpled in the stuffing. Turn the oven to 220 degrees.

On the crumpled pieces of pita spread the remaining stuffing and gently cover with all the lower edges of lavash.

We lubricate our meat pie of thin pita bread on top of the remaining yogurt and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Bake at 220 degrees. 

Ready meat pie can be served hot or just as a cold snack. In this and in another form, he will give you a lot of fun.