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Meatless Recipes: cabbage rolls

Stuffed cabbage made from cabbage leaves, blanched in boiling water. The classic recipe for stuffed cabbage - a filling of minced meat and rice. In the fasting days cabbage lovers can prepare their favorite dish filled with vegetables, cereals and fungi.

Meatless Recipes: cabbage rolls

The technology of cooking meatless stuffed cabbage

Prepare cabbage leaves. At the head of cabbage cabbage remove the damaged leaves and cut out the stalk. In a large pot pour the water and add some salt. Lightly boil cabbage, and then carefully take it apart into separate cabbage leaves. Slugger thickened places, cut the irregularities in the sheet.

You can cook different options for filling meatless cabbage rolls. 

Stuffed cabbage with beans. Beans soak for a few hours, boil and mash with a fork. Carrots grate. Onions finely chopped and fry in vegetable oil with carrots. Add salt, pepper, sugar to taste. Mix everything.

Cabbage rolls stuffed with vegetables. Rice boil in salted water. Carrots grate. Bulbs chop. In the frying pan fry the onions and carrots. Walnuts grind in a blender or chop with a knife. Fresh cilantro, finely chopped. Put lean beef in cabbage leaves and wrap each sheet.

Stuffed with mushrooms. Mushrooms cut and boil in salted water. Then fry the mushrooms with carrots and onions in a frying pan. Add chopped green onions.

Wrap the stuffing in cabbage leaves. We spread stuffed cabbage in a saucepan and pour sauce. To prepare the sauce: mix the tomato paste with a few tablespoons of warm water, add sugar, salt, pepper. All mix well. Saucepan cover with a lid and simmer the cabbage rolls on low heat until tender.

Serve the cabbage rolls on the table can be with garlic and nut sauce.

To prepare gravy: Take 1 cup walnuts, cilantro bundle and 4-5 cloves of garlic. All grind in a blender, pour boiling water until a thick consistency, add salt to taste, let cool.