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Nutritious smoothies for breakfast

All nutritionists unanimously repeat: you must eat breakfast, and while the breakfast should be useful, tasty and nutritious. But what if in the morning do not want to stand at the stove? There is a solution: cook nutritious cocktail. Knowing a few simple recipes, you can not only satisfy the body and set up a working mood, but also save your spare time.

Nutritious smoothies for breakfast

You will need:

- blender - bananas 3 pcs. - Kiwi 2 pcs. - 250 ml cream. - 3 tbsp cocoa. l. - Cinnamon (pinch) - muscat nut powder (a pinch) - 1 carrot pieces. - Green apple varieties Granny Smith 1 pc. - Orange 1 pc. - 300 ml of orange juice. - 3 tablespoons of muesli. l. - Pear 1 piece. - 10 Strawberry berries - blueberries berries 10 - vanillin

Instruction nutritious smoothies for breakfast

Step 1:

Chocolate mood. Peel a banana, cut into pieces and easy podmorozte in the refrigerator. Mix in a blender banana, cream and cocoa. Add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg and stir again.

Step 2:

The taste of summer. Grate peeled carrots and green apple. Clear the orange (or tangerine), peeled, cut into small pieces. Mix all in a blender until mushy state, pour orange juice and stir again.

Step 3:

Yogurt-snag. Peel banana and kiwi fruit, cut them into small pieces, add to the blender, pour the cream and mix. Sourness of kiwi creates the feeling that you are drinking yoghurt.

Step 4:

The use of cereals. Mix in a blender finely chopped pear, banana, cream and 3 tablespoons of muesli. Instead, you can use of instant cereal oatmeal. To do this, they need to be crushed to a fine powder.

Step 5:

Berry Kiss. Defrost the blueberries and strawberries, mash the fruit with a spoon to mash the state. Add a pinch of vanilla and mix in a blender with milk or cream.