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10 Delicious Fillings For Appetizers Lavash

10 delicious fillings for appetizers Lavash

Snack in the form of rolls of pita stuffed with suitable as a snack and is a perfect dish for a holiday.

Take a thin pita bread, expand it. Then evenly distribute the filling and roll rolls or letter envelopes. Let soak for 20 minutes pita bread and place on a plate. Ready roll garnish…

How To Quickly Defrost The Dough

How to quickly defrost the dough

Some housewives in order to save time on cooking, buying a ready-made dough at the store, which is most often frozen. Therefore, you must know how to properly and quickly to unfreeze it.

Instruction how to quickly defrost the dough

Step 1:

One method is to place test defrost it on the bottom shelf of the…

How To Cook A Snack Of Cold Beans

How to cook a snack of cold beans

1 Beans soak for 10-12 hours. Then boil until tender. The water drain and clean the beans through a sieve. 2 onions cut into small pieces and sauté in a little oil. Chop the greens. Squeeze the juice from the lemon. 3 Cool mashed beans and beat it with a mixer or blender,…

Adjika: How To Cook It

Adjika: how to cook it

Adjika - one of the most popular spices, many families harvested annually. In the winter time, it perfectly complements the main dishes, lifting the appetite of its sharpness and rich taste. And thanks to its antiviral effect, adjika simply irreplaceable in catarrhal time.

You will need:

tomatoes; carrot; red bell pepper; garlic; hot peppers; 9% vinegar; salt;…

Cooking Delicious Meat: Steak And Roast Beef

Cooking delicious meat: steak and roast beef

Summer - time for relaxation, pampering and pleasure. And the food at this time want special - delicious, almost festive. If the barbecue in nature seem bored, is to cook meat is something new. It may well be dishes that are considered by most "Restaurant" option.


Depending on the cut taken can receive…

How To Cook Sorrel Soup

How to cook sorrel soup

Summer - time for vegetables, fruit and herbs that grow in your gardens. They are a source of vitamins and minerals. For example, sorrel known acid contained in it, which is very important for our body. Sorrel soup - inalienable first meal in the summer.

You will need:

400 grams of meat; 4-5 pcs. potatoes; fresh sorrel;…

How To Cook A River Fish

How to cook a river fish

River fish are chub, carp, carp, catfish, perch, sturgeon, pike, sturgeon, perch, bream, whitefish, grayling, carp and it is not a complete list. Meat river fish, as a rule, not fat, but very tasty and healthy. Juicy, tender, succulent fish, baked with sour cream - one of the most popular dishes with river fish. You…

How To Cook A Delicious Rice Pudding

How to cook a delicious rice pudding

Rice porridge frequently appear on the tables as a garnish. However, it can be a beautiful and independent dish. The main thing when cooking rice - take into account some features of its preparation.

You will need:

milk - 2 cups; rice - 1 cup; water - 1.5 cups; salt; sugar; butter - 100 g…

As Stuffed Duck

As stuffed duck

Fatted duck is very well suited for stuffing. Subcutaneous fat birds enough to soak the meat, making it juicy. To mitigate the sweet "greasy" taste of duck stuffed with sauerkraut and apples. Loose buckwheat is also perfectly absorbs grease, becoming only more fragrant and tastier.

You will need:

frozen duck; salt; needle and thread; wooden toothpicks. The filling of…

Cook The Salmon In Pastry

Cook the salmon in pastry

Cook the salmon that he turned fragrant and tender, it is a snap. To help in this case is capable of cooking the usual dough. This is where the fish is prepared slowly and does not lose juiciness.

You will need:

- Salmon - 1 kg; - Wheat flour - 0.6 kg; - Chicken egg - 4…

How To Cook Orange Curd Cream

How to cook orange curd cream

Cottage cheese has excellent taste, and is out of all fermented milk products most useful. Easily digestible, rich in calcium and phosphorus. A oranges - a vitamin (Vitamin C 97%!). These two products can be useful to prepare a light dessert. Perfect breakfast and tasty treat for children and adults.

You will need:

cottage cheese…

How To Cook Kutyu

How to cook kutyu

Kutia - a traditional dish, which is prepared by the Slavs to the wake. Earlier, the dish is often used during Lent, and even at Christmas. Today you will learn how to cook kutyu correctly.

You will need:

- water; - Millet; - Ground walnuts; - Honey; - Raisins and dried apricots; - Max.

Instruction how to cook…

Cheese Soup With Chicken

Cheese soup with chicken

Cheese soup - delicious and satisfying dish. By the way, it's very easy to cook.

For cheese soup will need

- 250 grams of chicken;

- 100 g cream cheese;

- large onion;

- 200 g of potatoes;

- 100 g of carrots;

- salt, bay leaf, herbs (such as dill, parsley), pepper (to taste).

Cooking cheese soup…

How To Cook Korean Dishes

How to cook Korean dishes

Korean food - is not only delicious, but also very economical. The principle of the Korean table, as well, any Asian - a wide variety of snacks that are accompanied by one or two large meals. It turns out very nicely, in addition, you can be sure that no visitor will not go hungry. The secret…

Christmas Post. Do You Know How To Fast Properly

Christmas post. Do you know how to fast properly

Christmas - one of the brightest Orthodox holidays in our country. It is preceded by a variety of forty days of abstinence. Advent is considered less severe than the Great. It is important to understand its true meaning. It is a mistake to think that giving up certain foods, you keep all…

How To Cook Original Okroshka

How to cook original okroshka

In the hot summer hash it is one of the favorite foods of many people. To avoid repetition and variety to please loved ones on the table, it is possible to prepare okroshka on original recipes.

You will need:

potatoes; cucumbers; radish; green onions; greenery; eggs; beet; Tan; kefir; Dried apples; lemon acid; mustard; salt; chilli; horseradish.…

How To Make Your Own Muesli

How to make your own muesli

Muesli - healthy and tasty breakfast cereal. It contains useful fats, proteins and carbohydrates. All of this can and should be there. This breakfast will charge for the day, a variety of your menu. And, most importantly, it is easy to prepare from purchased mixtures, offer to have the tradition and do it yourself. Exceptionally…

How To Cook A Pie From Poppy

How to cook a pie from poppy

Cake with poppy seeds, cooked more on his grandmother's recipes, a very tasty and fragrant. Besides poppy itself is very useful and nutritious, it contains fiber, as well as a large amount of easily digestible calcium make it very useful in the diet of each individual.

You will need:

For the dough: flour - 800…

How To Cook Fresh Herring

How to cook fresh herring

Accustomed to salt herring, we have completely forgotten that the dishes made from fresh fish, in no way inferior to it for its taste. Fresh herring can stew with vegetables, roast and bake.

You will need:

For the first recipe: fresh herring; butter; milk; salt; flour; mustard; lemon juice. For the second recipe: fresh herring; carrot; bow;…

How To Cook Italian Salad

How to Cook Italian salad "Caesar"

One of the most popular salads recognized "Caesar". He came up with an Italian chef from the simplest products (cheese, lettuce, sauce and croutons of bread home). Today, many are preparing several options of salad "Caesar". His recipe is added to boiled or smoked chicken, bacon, shrimp and other products. In any case, it turns…

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