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How To Make Dumplings For Borsch

How to make dumplings for borsch

This Ukrainian borsch directly associated with fancy donuts, sprinkled with a mixture of garlic with herbs. These delicately flavored buns emphasize the taste of the main dish, and their presence at the dinner table will give additional comfort to your family dinner.

You will need:

flour - 500 g; milk - 250 ml; dry yeast -…

How To Color The Dough

How to color the dough

Color batter like most children. They are fun to eat pasta and ravioli of different colors, and to prepare themselves with his mother. The dough of different colors used for the preparation of various dishes from the test: home-made noodles, dumplings and dumplings, cakes and confectionery.

You will need:

Noodles: 2 cups flour; 3 eggs; salt; 2…

Liver Chops & Laquo; Aromatic & Raquo;

liver chops «Fragrant»

Liver chops - a wonderful dish that can be served with any side dish. Even cold, it will not lose its flavor. Preparation of minced liver takes up to 20 minutes, and the finished dish instantly flies away from the plate.

You will need:

Pork liver 600 grams, 3 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 small onion, 2 tablespoons flour, 2…

What Restaurant Consulting

What restaurant consulting

All is not accustomed to the word "consulting", and there has already appeared mass of phrases formed with its help. For example, environmental consulting, IT-consulting. This article is dedicated to restaurant consulting, its essence and objectives.

So, consulting (from Eng Consulting.) - This type of activity, which includes various kinds of counseling individuals on various issues. Restaurant Consulting…

How To Choose A Sponge For Dishes

How to choose a sponge for dishes

It would seem that a sponge - something small and discreet, but without it is difficult to imagine modern life. In the arsenal of every housewife, usually several: dishwashing, bath, toilet, dusting, etc.

foam sponge

Most often found in the kitchen. Detergent her fine foam, sponge well and gently cleanses the soiled surface. The downside…

How To Prepare Cabbage For Cabbage

How to prepare cabbage for cabbage

Length cooking of red cabbage can be used or Savoy cabbage, spinach or beet leaves. However, most housewives chooses a more traditional cabbage. Before wrapped in cabbage leaves meat and rice stuffing, the leaves need to prepare properly. Then they will be resilient, but the soft, tender and juicy - such, however, and should be…

How To Cook The Cauliflower In The Microwave

How to cook the cauliflower in the microwave

What is cauliflower all have long known, but the fact that the cabbage is much richer than his namesake, cabbage, the content of protein and vitamin C, not everyone knows. Cooking dishes of cauliflower is a pleasure - they turn out tasty, juicy and also immensely useful. The process of preparing cauliflower in…

How To Cook Meatless Pea Soup

How to cook meatless pea soup

Pea soup - useful and tasty dish. It can be cooked in meat broth with the addition of smoked meats, the vegetable broth. For vegetarians there are plenty of recipes for vegetable pea soup. One of them - from fungi, which increase the nutritional properties of the soup and improve its flavor and aroma.


Kyiv Cake: How To Bake It At Home

Kyiv cake: how to bake it at home

Kyiv cake - an unforgettable sweet delicacy, which has become a symbol of Ukraine. The cake consists of air meringue, melting in the mouth and delicate walnut cream. Treat yourself and your loved ones, spending a little time to prepare.

You will need:

for cakes: 0.5 cups of cashew nuts; 0.5 cups of hazelnut;…

How To Make A Salad With Feta Cheese

How to make a salad with feta cheese

Vitamin summer salads - a storehouse of nutrients and a guarantee of good digestion. To make them more tasty and hearty, to the green, you can add other ingredients - such as mild cheese or cheese.

You will need:

Salad with feta cheese with tomatoes: 4 tomatoes; 200 g of cheese; 1 large bell…

How To Make A Real Lemonade

How to make a real lemonade

This lemonade - delicious, thirst-quenching - it is not the chemical drink that is sold in stores. Unlike industrial lemonade, home contains vitamins, it is practically no sugar.

You will need:

- lemons - 2 pcs .; - Soda - 1 liter; - Mint; - Sugar.

Instruction how to make a real lemonade

Step 1:

Wash the…

How To Cook Pea Soup With Smoked Meat

How to cook pea soup with smoked meat

The healing properties of pea caused by a high content in it of vegetable protein, minerals, fiber, amino acids and antioxidants, so necessary for a person of any age. From peas in Russia prepared jelly, cereals, soups, pie fillings. Pea soup can be cooked on the basis of vegetable broth or beef broth.…

How To Cook Walleye Fillets

How to cook walleye fillets

Pike - fish, pet and restaurateurs and nutritionists. Her gentle, moderately dense and fatty meats perfectly digestible, rich in amino acids. A number of dishes that can be prepared from walleye, is beyond counting. Sudak fried and baked, cooked ear of it, dumplings, pies and meatballs, it is appropriate and in the restaurant kitchen, and on…

How To Make Burdock

How to make burdock

Burdock oil is extracted from burdock root, it is called burdock. It is an excellent natural remedy for hair growth, the use of this oil makes them strong and shiny. Burdock oil is sold in any drugstore, but it is easy to cook and at home.

You will need:

fresh or dried burdock root, vegetable oil (olive, almond,…

How To Cook The Cake

How to cook a cake "Snickers"

Probably not a man who would not love chocolate bars. This so familiar taste of childhood can be repeated at home with their own hands. Especially since today there is a shortage of food problems. Peanuts, chocolate and caramel - these are all the ingredients that make "Snickers" recognizable.

You will need:

Dough: 1st. flour; 1st.…

How To Cook Arnautku

How to cook arnautku

Arnatutka - cereal, so named for varieties of wheat, from which it is made. This variety of spring wheat with hard, white high-quality grain. In the dictionary Dahl noted that Arnauts called Albanians Turks conquered them, consisted of Arnautov Christian "white" troops or special forces, as we would say today.

You will need:

For arnautki water: 1 tbsp.…

How To Cook Chicken Salad

How to cook chicken salad

Cooked chicken meat is the main ingredient in many salads. Despite the almost complete absence of fat, it is delicious and juicy, especially if you cook it properly and combined with suitable products.

You will need:

a hen; water; salt to taste; spice.

Instruction how to cook chicken salad

Step 1:

Choose a chicken for cooking. Focus while…

How To Make Hot Chocolate From Cocoa

How to make hot chocolate from cocoa

Hot chocolate - a dessert drink, of which always leads cocoa, milk and sugar or water. In addition to the abundance of vitamins and macro-and micronutrients, in drinks from cocoa contains biologically active substances that increase efficiency and stimulating mental activity. However, for all its attractiveness and usefulness, cocoa has a strong stimulating effect…

Pasta With Chicken Liver

Pasta with chicken liver

Chicken liver - a valuable source of protein and iron. An additional advantage of this by-product - a gentle soft taste and cooking speed. To the liver retained tenderness and juiciness, its pre-fry over high heat, then add to the sauce for pasta.

You will need:

- 450 g chicken liver; - 400 grams of pasta; - 300…

How To Prepare Salad

How to prepare a salad "Obzhorka"

Salad "Obzhorka" is very popular and a favorite dish of many people, because it is one of the most delicious salad that is prepared quickly. There are many variations in its preparation.

You will need:

Chicken fillet - 400 g Honey mushrooms (marinated) - 300 g Bulgarian pepper - 2 pieces pineapple (canned) - 350 g…

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