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How To Cook The Potatoes In A Pot

How to cook the potatoes in a pot

Clay pot - something unique. Despite its long history, it was and remains loyal assistant in cooking. Dishes cooked in it, obtained especially fragrant, stewed, reminiscent of Russian food from the oven. Clay pot is used as utensils for cooking and serving food on the table. Try to cook it potatoes with pork,…

How To Cook A Delicious Beef Tongue

How to cook a delicious beef tongue

Among offal language stands alone - dishes from it are considered a delicacy. But there are people who are not too fond of it, believing that boiled tongue has several "rubber" consistency. To dissuade such fussy, the language must be prepared correctly.

You will need:

beef tongue; carrot 1 pcs .; onion 1 pc .;…

How To Choose Apricots

How to Choose apricots

Due to the high content of mineral substances and other biologically active components apricots contributes to not only burn fat, but also the overall strengthening of the body. Dried apricots cleanses the blood vessels, protects eyesight, keeps skin young. But the real health benefits will only properly prepared, that is, the dried product.

Instruction how to pick…

The Correct Way To Salting Bacon

The correct way to salting bacon

From the point of view of modern nutrition, lard is a valuable food product, despite its high caloric content. The composition of the fat part of the whole complex of vitamins, minerals, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids required for normal functioning of the body. In addition, properly salted bacon - it's a great source of…

How To Brew Coffee In The Turk At The Plate

How to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate

This rich and aromatic drink love to drink in the morning most of the residents of big cities. How to brew coffee in the Turk at the plate correctly, keeping all the special taste? This is no big deal.

You will need:

- ground coffee beans; - Water; - a pinch of…

Why Does Not Always Work Out To Lose Weight?

Why does not always work out to lose weight?

There are times when a person is making a huge amount of effort to lose weight, and the weight is not reduced or diminished, but on very slowly. Why is this happening. Let us consider some reasons.

Instruction why not always possible to lose weight?

Step 1:

Stress restrictions in diet,…

How To Cook A Juicy Pink Salmon

How to cook a juicy pink salmon

Pink salmon baked in puff pastry can be eaten hot and cold. Cooked fish in such a way to keep useful and taste. In addition, salmon is low in calories, so you can not worry about the figure.

You will need:

Frozen salmon 1 kg; 30 g of fresh mushrooms; 3 cups flour; Egg 3…

How To Cut The Fish Rolls

How to cut the fish rolls

Japanese cuisine is not only delicacies but also of dietary dishes that can be cooked at home. Rolls and sushi prepared with fresh fish, rice and vegetables. So they get a tasty and pleasing to the eye, it is important to learn how to cut fish and armed with a sharp knife.

You will need:


Yummy Walnuts

Yummy walnuts

The walnut are all key amino acids that are so necessary for our body. Amino acids have a positive influence on the formation of bones, muscles, blood, skin, hair, and strengthens the brain and heart. Treat yourself and loved ones tasty and healthy treat

You will need:

10 pieces of walnuts 5 tablespoons of sugar, 15-20 grams of butter, 1…

How To Cook Casseroles

How to Cook a casserole " Childhood"

When I was little, in the garden, we prepared a very tasty casserole, and many years later I found this recipe and I want to share it with you.

Ingredients: - 500 grams of minced meat (to your taste) - 200 grams of cheese - 500 grams of potatoes - 1 package of cream…

How To Cook Manti

How to Cook manti

Manta - this eastern dish. It is popular among the peoples of Central Asia, Turkey, Pakistan and others. Manty are very similar to Russian dumplings, but the difference between them lies in the fact that they are preparing for a couple of twists and meat for stuffing, and just finely chopped. The filling can be made from…

How To Make A Compote Of Cherries

How to make a compote of cherries

Cherry compote in addition to being very tasty, also useful in anemia, as in cherry high content of magnesium and iron. An excellent option is to prepare compote of cherries in the hot summer - it is perfectly quenches thirst and improves appetite. Caloric compote this depends on the amount of sugar in it,…

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