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How To Figures From The Mastic

How to figures from the mastic

Mastic - soft mass, its structure resembles clay. Since it is very easy to work, to create the desired shape. It does not stick to hands, and well painted. Cakes decorated with figures of mastic, causing an enthusiastic interest in adults and children.

You will need:

- 100 g marshmallow; - 1 tbsp. tablespoon of lemon…

How To Decorate The Cake Roses

How to decorate the cake roses

Homemade cake must not only delicious, but also beautiful. Particularly impressive looks cake, topped with flowers - it is appropriate and at a modest holiday home, and the children's birthday party, and on the lush anniversary. The most beautiful flowers - roses - can be made in several ways. A little skill and patience -…

How To Use Wheat Germ

How to use wheat germ

Sprouted wheat has a powerful stimulating effect, it sharply (ten times) the amount of vitamins and antioxidants increases. And this precious gift of nature can be prepared at home easily.

You will need:

Sprouted wheat with nuts - sprouted grains - 1 cup; - Walnuts - 2 - 4 pcs; - Carrot juice - 100g or honey…

How Delicious To Cook Walleye

How delicious to cook walleye

From walleye cooked pies and dumplings, fishcakes and nourishing soup. His fried, stewed and baked, giving the fish a lot of different flavor nuances. Even if you have left a few branded recipes, be sure to try something new.

You will need:

Pike in white wine 1 kg pike-perch; 5 potatoes; 5 medium-sized tomatoes; 2 large onions;…

How To Make Linseed Oil

How to make linseed oil

Flaxseed oil is again becoming more popular because it has valuable nutritional and health qualities, and also contains vitamins, essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated acids. It is used in cosmetics, medicine and cooking.

You will need:

ripe linseed

Instruction how to make linseed oil

Step 1:

Flaxseed oil can be produced by two methods. First - this is…

How To Make Tomato Juice

How to make tomato juice

Tomato - one of the most useful vegetables. Tomatoes contain acids necessary for metabolic processes that are useful for anemia, cardiovascular diseases, loss of strength. Juice made from tomatoes, rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium, not to mention the fact that it is very tasty. And quite simple to prepare, so that you can cook…

As Ferment Willow-Tea At Home

As ferment willow-tea at home

Currently, organic food connoisseurs are beginning to ferment their own willow-tea at home, getting ready component for an enjoyable and healthy tea. Fermentation is a process of drying and air oxidation of the collected plant leaves.

Instruction how to ferment willow-tea at home

Step 1:

Fermented willow-herb in the home should be out properly collected and sorted…

How To Prepare Rabbit Fillets

How to prepare rabbit fillets

Rabbit meat is useful to both adults and children. It is widely used in the preparation of dietary dishes, as proteins in its composition is much better absorbed by the human body than proteins pork or beef. Rabbit refers to the white meat. It is not oily, is low in cholesterol, while rich in vitamin PP,…

Walnuts: Use

Walnuts: use

Walnuts - one of the most important products in the diet of those who care about their health. More recently, the nuts were subjected to unfair persecution: they were accused of too much fat and excess calories.

Instruction walnuts: the benefits

Step 1:

Our body can not live without fat. They needed him, if only because our brain by 70%…

How Delicious To Cook Dinner

How delicious to cook dinner

Prepare a delicious dinner could even young mistress, we need only determine the dishes that you want to apply to the table, and when they are preparing to comply strictly with the recipe.

You will need:

For meat in French: pork tenderloin; onion; tomatoes; mayonnaise; cheese; salt; pepper. For the garnish: potatoes; vegetable oil; salt. For the…

How Do Lecho

How do lecho

Lecho - this dish folk Balkan cuisine. Traditionally, it belongs to the Hungarian dishes. Recipes for Lecho very much, in fact, it can be a starter, main course and preparations for the winter. In lecho can add grilled sausages and bacon, beans and mushrooms, even potatoes and rice. Unchanged only tomatoes and peppers are in this dish.


How To Learn To Cook With Horseradish Adjika

How to learn to cook with horseradish adjika

Home adjika cooked from fresh vegetables and spices, will be the favorite condiment of your family. Included in its composition garlic horseradish and support your immune system, and its delicious taste make long-familiar dishes fragrant and delicious.

You will need:

tomatoes - 3 kg; pepper - 2 kg; hot pepper - 250 grams; Garlic…

How To Cook Lamb Shulyum

How to cook lamb shulyum

Shulyum or shurpa called Uzbek meat soup made from mutton (less often - beef). Traditional shulyum cooked in a cauldron over a fire, but it also can be cooked at home.

You will need:

Lamb - about 700-800 g of potatoes 2-3 pcs. Eggplant 1-2 pcs. Onions 2-3 pcs. Tomato 2-3 pc. Bulgarian pepper 2-3 pieces. 1…

How To Clean The Pink Salmon

How to clean the pink salmon

From that, how do you clean the pink salmon, depends ultimately the presentation of prepared dishes. Those to whom this point is important, try to tamper with the knife according to the rules confirmed culinary experience.

Instruction how to clean the pink salmon

Step 1:

Defrost fish. The best option - Put her in the evening…

How To Cook Beef In Foil

How to cook beef in foil

Beef cooked in foil in the oven - the most gentle delicacy, literally melting in the mouth. The essence of the dish (with minor variations) is that the first piece of beef pickled hours - from one to twelve, and then, baked in foil with the marinade. And so, here a vast field for culinary…

How To Fry Chicken Legs

How to fry chicken legs

Dishes from chicken legs are a big hit with housewives - chicken legs are inexpensive, easy to prepare and very tasty. And recipes for fried chicken legs, there are so many, even this can be a gourmet treat that them.

You will need:

3-4 chicken legs; 2 lemons; 5 cloves of garlic; 5 tomatoes; 3 onions; 50…

How To Cook A Casserole With Tomatoes

How to Cook a casserole with tomatoes

Juicy Tomato - one of the universal products, combined with almost any ingredients. Prepare tomato casserole can be with cheese, mushrooms or meat and hot peppers. They are equally well overlap with slices of salmon or vegetable notes in the dish. Among the variety of flavor combinations you can pick exactly what will be…

How Easy To Make A Delicious Strawberry Ice Cream At Home

How easy to make a delicious strawberry ice cream at home

Every avid strawberry must know at least a couple of recipes for strawberry ice cream. Prepare a delicious ice cream can be very simple and just a couple of minutes.

You will need:

-250 grams of strawberries 1/2 cup powdered sugar -Sok half a lemon -2 large eggs -300 grams of…

How To Cook A Chocolate Cake With Salted Caramel

How to cook a chocolate cake with salted caramel

1 Start with salted caramel. It can be made 2 days prior to the preparation of the cake. Pour the sugar in a saucepan, pour 50 ml of water and heat on low heat. Do not interfere, a only occasionally swing the saucepan to the caramel melts evenly. When the sugar is…

How To Cook The Usual Rice

How to cook the usual rice

Rare national cuisine of the world do without rice dishes. Rich in protein, vitamin B, phosphorus and potassium, it is widely used as a basis for cereals, mousses and casseroles, as a garnish for fish and meat, as well as an ingredient of soups and salads. There are several thousand varieties of rice. This diversity…

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