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How To Change The Diet, If You Do Not Eat Soup

How to change the diet, if you do not eat soup

Soup is one of the most important foods in the human diet, and is valued for the fact that is a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. The first dish - it is the food that nourishes the body more fluid. There are people who do not like…

How To Make Olive Oil

How to make olive oil

Olive oil in its composition very close to the fat component of the human body. So, it is perfectly digestible, saturates the body with useful substances, and even treats! Olives are grown in the Mediterranean, as well as Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, India and other countries. There's also produce healing olive oil.

Instruction how to make olive…

How To Prepare Cakes With Fruit Filling

How to prepare cakes with fruit filling

Pies - one of the oldest dishes in Russian cuisine, which regaled dear guests from time immemorial. Today they are also popular, as is the feast is useful in any situation, be it a family breakfast, a snack or a simple check of the nature.

You will need:

- 1 kg sifted flour; - 10…

How To Bake Oatmeal Cookies

How to bake oatmeal cookies

Monitor your weight and health, but you can not give up the goodies? Then you just need to know how the furnace useful and tasty oat biscuits. Oatmeal, which is part of the test, contains fiber, useful for digestion. Also oats contains trace elements and vitamins that are retained after the heat treatment. Be sure to…

How To Cook The Lazy Cabbage Rolls

How to cook the lazy cabbage rolls

The dish is prepared lazy cabbage rolls those who do not really want to turn ordinary cabbage rolls. But the taste of it does not spoil. Lazy cabbage rolls is quite easy to prepare. What is the secret of this wholesome and fragrant dishes?

You will need:

1/2 kg of minced beef; 1/2 head of…

How To Cook Liver Salad

How to cook liver salad

Salads can be prepared not only with meat, but also byproducts, such as the liver. And the dish turned out tasty, it is important to learn how to cook the liver right so it does not remain moist, but do not become rigid.

You will need:

liver; pan; milk; salt.

Instruction how to cook liver salad

Step 1:…

How To Cook Buckwheat In A Pot

How to cook buckwheat in a pot

Buckwheat - a useful supplement. It has beneficial effects on all systems of the body and improves the functioning of its organs. Try to cook buckwheat porridge in a pot, using an old Russian recipe. Eat it can be as a separate dish and as a garnish.

You will need:

800 g of buckwheat; 1…

Homemade Ice Cream With Different Flavors

Homemade ice cream with different flavors

During the summer, nice and helpful with the children to prepare homemade ice cream. On the basis of the same base recipe can be prepared with different flavors treat, adding more and more ingredients.

To prepare the foundation for the homemade ice cream, you will need 3 eggs, 300 ml cream, 70 grams of sugar.…

How To Smoke Fish At Home

How to smoke fish at home

Cold smoked fish can be very useful for health, as it reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood. It can be eaten as a separate dish, and as part of soups, salads, sandwiches. You can easily prepare a tasty and healthy smoked fish at home.

You will need:

a fish; salt; sugar; onion peel; spice;…

How To Make Gravy

How to make gravy

Meat sauce - a great way to make everyday meals whipped up a delicious and nutritious. It can be made from any meat, and the addition of cream, herbs and spices makes the gravy into a full meal with sauce, ideal for any side dishes.

You will need:

500 g pork tenderloin; 1 onion; 1 carrot; 300 g…

How To Make Chicken Salad With Pineapple

How to make chicken salad with pineapple

Chicken salad with pineapple, mayonnaise, called Hawaiian or Hawaiian Olivier. Often, this snack even in the carnival serves southern-style, placing in pineapple halves. The dish turns out hearty and rich in calories. For those who want to reach a familiar taste in the eastern kitchen clarity, more suitable other recipes based on the same…

How To Prepare Rabbit In Aerogrill

How to prepare rabbit in Aerogrill

Rabbit meat is considered a dietary, besides it is very tasty. It is rich in vitamin PP, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. There are many recipes for cooking a variety of dishes from the rabbit. Aerogrill will preserve all the nutritional and taste qualities of the product, since the food it is cooked by hot…

How To Marinate Cheese

How to marinate cheese

Marinated cheese - a popular snack in Germany, Greece, France and other European countries, famous for its cheeses. Typically, for marinating take soft variety, but can be used and hard aged cheeses.

You will need:

For the marinated cottage cheese: 500 grams of Adygei cheese; 1-2 pods of red chili peppers; 100-200 g of dried tomatoes; 1 tsp…

How To Cook Cherry Soup With Rice

How to cook cherry soup with rice

Among the variety of soups there are also sweet versions. They are served at the end of lunch or a light snack. Especially tasty seasonal soups berries. Try to cook refreshing summer dessert made from sour cherries and fill it with rice.

You will need:

Cold soup with cherries: 5 cups of cherries; 1/2 cup…

Spicy Tomato And Bean Soup With Peppers

Spicy tomato and bean soup with peppers

This soup will give strength, saturate vitamins and warm. This is very important in winter. There are no animal products and fat, even vegetable. Beans - an excellent source of protein. Suitable fasting, vegetarians and those on a diet. The soup is easy to prepare. Moreover, the minimum cost of soup. It is not…

How To Make Lazy Cabbage Rolls In The Oven, In A Frying Pan And Multivarka

How to make lazy cabbage rolls in the oven, in a frying pan and multivarka

Lazy cabbage rolls resemble their "classic" counterparts in composition of products, but the process of their preparation is much simpler because you do not have to mess with the heads of cabbage, breaking it into individual leaves and hard to get rid of the veins. You…

How To Bake A Cake

How to bake a cake "Pancho"

Sometimes so eager to please close the delicious homemade cake. One of the best options - easy to prepare, cheap enough and always delicious - Cake "Pancho." Gentle biscuit combined with sour cream, nuts and berries will impress even those who are not very fond of sweets. In the context of the cake it looks…

How To Cook The Lasagne & Quot; Al Emilia & Quot;

How to cook lasagne "Al Emilia"

Lasagna - Italian favorite casserole. its preparation There are many solutions, but the most popular climbing "Al Emilia," as it is called professional chefs, more popular name - Lasagna "Bolognese". Lasagna is popular all over the world, and its filling options there is great variety. The dough sandwiches a variety of sauces, meat ragout, tomatoes,…

How To Cook Toast Serbian

How to cook toast Serbian

Sometimes you want to cook for breakfast something special, with tasty and healthy. Serbian toast - it's one of those dishes. Preparation takes little time, and does not require expensive products.

If you do not know what you can treat yourself to breakfast, there is a simple and tasty dish. Serbian croutons - a full breakfast,…

How To Marinate The Chicken Legs

How to marinate the chicken legs

All summer go on nature. Someone who likes to lie on the grass and do nothing, while others prefer a more active holiday. But, despite the fact, as someone who rests all love to eat in the fresh holiday barbecue. Very tasty obtained skewers of chicken legs, but before cooking be sure to marinate them.…

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