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How To Cook The Chicken In Wine

How to cook the chicken in wine

Wine, beer, brandy - very often the usual alcoholic beverages are used when cooking savory meat dishes. Poultry meat - is no exception. If you want to surprise your guests or members of household unusual taste usual chicken or simply enjoy its culinary delights, prepare chicken fillet with red wine.

You will need:

1 kg…

How To Cook Salmon Milt

How to cook salmon milt

Very healthy dish - salmon milt, representing a fish testes. However, not everyone knows how to cook salmon milt, while in practice it does not require special skills and prolonged time, so by the forces of any mistress.

You will need:

salmon milt, eggs, 2 pieces, mineral water, 30 grams flour, vegetable oil, salt, spices, soy sauce.…

How To Make Delicious Jelly

How to make delicious jelly

Delicious tasty dish co-production - the filler. French chefs treated native Russian dish - jelly, which will result in a new masterpiece of culinary art - aspic.

You will need:

beef tongue - 300 grams; water - 0.5 liters; gelatin - 30 grams; salt - to taste; onions - 1-2 heads; bay leaf - 1-2 leaf; parsley…

How To Quickly Lose Weight By 35 Kilograms, Or Diet For Animal Lovers

How to quickly lose weight by 35 kilograms, or diet for animal lovers

Once the problem of excess weight seemed to me far-fetched. It would seem that may be easier - do not eat and grow thin. Until one day I moved to another city, where (most likely from the stress) in three months gained 35 kg ...

For me, accustomed to…

Chicken Breast Baked In Cream

Chicken breast baked in cream

Chicken breast is very tasty, and nezhiroe dietary meat, which quickly prepared and always turns out delicious. From it you can cook a lot of various dishes. Chicken breast goes well with mushrooms and potatoes. The main thing - quickly and without hassle.

You will need:

- 10 pieces potatoes - 3-4 chicken pieces - 1 piece…

How To Prepare Processed Cheese

How to prepare processed cheese

Cream cheese is a very tasty and nutritious dairy products, which contain large amounts of fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All of these substances contained in melted cheese, it is necessary for the proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Prepare the cream cheese is not difficult at home, and its amazing, unique taste will…

How To Cook Risotto With Smoked Salmon And Champagne

How to cook risotto with smoked salmon and champagne

Risotto appeared in northern Italy, but later became popular in many other countries. It is a dish based on rice with meat or fish. Gala will be the recipe for this risotto with salmon and champagne.

You will need:

2 onions; 1 carrot; 1 parsley root; half a celery root; thyme sprigs; olive…

How To Decorate A Festive Salad

How to decorate a festive salad

Festive meal with your friends and family - it's always a good time. To make this event more vivid, it is important not only to prepare delicious meals, but also decorate and serve them in such a way that they immediately called everyone present appetite and a great desire to try it soon. Salad can…

How To Choose A Ripe Watermelon And Without Nitrates

How to choose a ripe watermelon and without nitrates

Finally appeared the first melons and so want to try as soon as possible juicy sweet flesh. But what a disappointment when bringing home a watermelon and cut it, you can see that he's just another pink. How to choose a ripe watermelon and how to determine how many of nitrates in…

Portuguese Green Soup

Portuguese green soup

Despite the fact that in the Portuguese kitchen use little greenery, the soup includes parsley, cilantro, dill, basil and thereby saturated with vitamins. In addition, the Portuguese green soup incredibly tasty. Its preparation is quite simple. Handle even the novice cook for an hour and a half. After removing the samples of this wonderful, delicious food, you too…

How To Cook A Tasty Salad

How to cook a tasty salad

Traditionally, part of the salad should include beets and vinegar. But this is just a classic recipe. The structure of other types of lettuce can go neither one nor the other ingredient. The most common recipes: classic, fruit, salad with pepper stuffed with canned meat. It is difficult to say which one is better. They…

How To Make A Salad With Croutons

How to Make a salad with croutons

Already you will surprise nobody salad, containing in its composition, crackers. However, in your power to make this salad is memorable and incredibly tasty. All depends on the ingredients.

You will need:

150 g of spaghetti; 2 bell peppers average value; 3-4 pickled cucumbers; 200 g of sausage; 1 onion; stale white bread; Olive little…

How To Cook French Guzhero

How to cook French Guzhero

Guzhero (fr Gougères.) - Spicy brew cakes, which appeared on the east of France in the best wine region - Burgundy. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, Guzhero like guests and are ideal as a snack with white wine or champagne.

You will need:

The classic recipe Guzhero 24 pieces (3.5-4 cm in diameter.): -…

How To Dry Figs

How to dry figs

fig fruits have a mass of useful properties. Thus in normal conditions they are kept very short, only 2-3 days. Therefore, figs and berries often zasushivat vyalyat. At the same time, they acquire a special, unique taste.

If you want to know how to dry figs, it is important to know and how to collect it and…
How To Prepare Pea Soup

How to prepare pea soup

Cook a delicious pea soup is quite possible and without soaking the peas, but in this case its preparation will take much longer. Soaking process is quite simple and not only contributes pea softening, but also improve the taste of soup, as the water washes the excess starch from it.

You will need:

Peas water.

Instruction how…

How To Cook Sea Buckthorn

How to cook sea buckthorn

Bright orange sea buckthorn has a unique sour taste. It is rich in natural oils and vitamins, from it you can cook a delicious jelly, jellies, marmalades and jams. Appetizing harvesting of sea buckthorn can be store for the winter or to eat immediately after cooking - their taste in any case be at altitude.


How To Make Soy Sprouts

How to make soy sprouts

Bean sprouts - diet and healthy product. They are rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. They contain fiber, and minerals. you can cook a variety of dishes from soy sprouts.

You will need:

Chinese Salad: Chinese cabbage - 100g; soy sprouts - 100g; Carrots - 1 pc; garlic; lemon juice; chicken - 100g. Vinaigrette: beet -…

How To Cook Mokrousov

How to cook Mokrousov

Mokrousov in Russia called the fish from the fishing unit gadiformes grenadier. In the West, this is a funny (with a big head, big eyes and a triangular body, strongly tapering to tail), but very tasty fish is found under the name of grenadiers. The advantages include makrursa tender meat, rich in protein, but contains the least…

The Recipe For Yeast Dough

The recipe for yeast dough

The recipe for yeast dough is indispensable for those who are going to bake or fry patties, has long wanted to treat family home cheesecake with cottage cheese, planned for the arrival of guests traditional Russian cuisine - pie or pie. All these delicious pastries made of yeast dough according to the recipe.

You will need…

How To Make Christmas Salads

How to make Christmas salads

New Year's table - a good excuse to experiment and to include in the new salad menu. If it will turn out well, it will be a reason to be proud of yourself, and if not - in the abundance of holiday treats that will pass unnoticed.

You will need:

For Finnish New Year's salad: 4 potatoes;…

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